Why no playable Planet Killer

Just seems weird to add all the other titans but not the PK. Did they think it would be too imbalanced, cause I feel the massive fleet mode is just for a lark and not really about fairness anyway.

@smoothrunes it might be cause its abilty will kill any ship in one go even a titan but yea i get youre point (although imagine the plannet killer + stasis or even multiple PKs lol)

lol multiple planet killers with their death rays will just destroy everything

@40ktallarner-0 They could limit the PK to a max of 1 and only playable in singleplayer.

Normally I would fully agree with above posters that choosable PK would be a massive overkill...
...however the current shitty somewhat lackluster state of Chaos inclines me to believe that having it on the roster wold be a hilarious justice.