August 19 release date?

I came across a review here:

stating that the game will be released in August 19. I know it's 3rd party and should therefore ve taken with a pinch of salt but it's the only info we've had in months so i'm jumping on it.

I really hope that's true.
Sooner the better cause just the theme sounds great.

Sadly, this information is completely unfounded.

We, at Rogue Factor, have absolutely no clue where this media got this information from, and I can confirm they did not reach out to us to verify.

The thing I can say for sure is that when we do announce our release date, we will spread it widely and in style... there won't be any doubt. šŸ˜Ž

Can we get a hint at a release date? Even just a rough Quarter? Iā€™m soooo excited for this game and can 100% say I will want the best edition with all the DLC available

@cfcinhull We do appreciate your enthusiasm and your interest in Necromunda: Underhive Wars. We are doing our very best to create the best possible game we can and we will come forward with a date when the time is right to do so.
We feel it would not serve anyone to talk about the release window before we know we can stick to it while delivering a game we are happy with. That being said, we will have plenty to share when the time comes.
Please bear with us! šŸ˜

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Definitely looking forward to the game, been waiting my whole life to play a pc version of the TT game. Take your time guys i'd love to see an epic version. I dont mind waiting longer if it allows you to make the game greater. To the Community: Just a suggestion, lets try not to push the developers too much. We've all seen with other games that an early release can damage a game completely. Let encourage them and support them to make the best game possible.

Take all the time you need. You only get to make a first impression once.

The same website has now stated it's scheculed for December 2019.

Is this bull too? Are they pulling these dates out of thin air?

@Huff I hope not. At this rate I've got this bad feeling it'll be 2029 till we get a 2nd teaser trailer lol

well the last 3 month we found no new information bits about this game...
no Teaser - no Screenshoot - no Info.

Hope dies last

@Quardak said in August 19 release date?:

well the last 3 month we found no new information bits about this game...
no Teaser - no Screenshoot - no Info.

Hope dies last

Hey there,

Please don't lose hope. We can assure you the game is still being worked on full time by our 30 strong team of passionate devs.

We'll come back with a proper communication campaign in partnership with Focus as soon as the time is right. In this new crowded game space, timing is of the essence. There will be a game, it will be a solid step up from our last one, and we will share trailers, screenshots, and whatnot.

Thanks for your understanding and for bearing with us.


Thanks Frank i like many check this website often hopefully waiting for good news.I know that you and the team are very busy and it is good that the game is still being developed

Soo hyped for this game, anyone know if Scavvy gang will be in the core game?