Balance Changes To Chaos

So after some testing and checking chaos out in the Fleet Builder trying to see what i can do with the point changes i cant help but feel that nothings really major changed for Chaos.

Lances were buffed but So was almost every other weapon system in BFGA 2. Which means Nothing has changed for Lances in the grand scheme of things.

Super Heavy Lance arty has gottin a pretty beefy buff which is good.
From what i can see in Chaos Patch notes we will be seeing alot more Hades/ Murder Fleets out there.

Chaos Macros are now average since they didnt get the damage bonus like Imperial Navy got. WHICH IS FINE because chaos doesnt specialize in macros too much anyway. The problem is Lances and Chaos Ordnance are still unsatisfactory so people are gonna opt to playing Navy because they can do everything better (EVEN FRICKING SPEED) than Chaos anyway

Beef up Lances 1 last time and lets see where it goes.

While i appreciate the UI improvments to Ordnance. Im kind of blown away that ordnance didnt get any love. The cost reductions to the Chaos Carriers still isnt enough because the price doesnt reflect ordnance effectivness.

Id keep the price of the carriers where they are at and improve Ordnance Speed by 25%-50% and than reaccess. Also revert to old Carrier system of cool down so we can use more ordnance. I think with these changes Carriers will be finally worth their price.

Personally id rather see balance patches a little more frequently and be more focused on individual factions rather than broad balance strokes because im afraid if i have to wait 1 more month till ordnance gets fixed i might lose interest in the game. But thats just my personnel oppinion. I appreciate what you guys do I just wish glaring issues with mechanics and balance could be adressed a lil bit quicker.

Damage effects are more powerful at longer range.

Imagine we continue increasing the damage of all weapons. It should be clear to you that there is a point where the longest range weapons trivially dominate shorter ranged ones - as ability to travel while under fire diminishes.

I do not contend it has gotten to the extreme case, but the 25% increase the lance damage is very real and should not be disregarded.

IN was already better than Chaos and they both get the lance damage boost but IN also get a macro boost so no reason to play Chaos. IN now can burst with torp/RAM and have more consistant sustained damages while Chaos have much less options

not only is buffing longer range weapons more significant like rymarq says
buffing lances with ap also is more significant then buffing weapons without ap
and then there is crits which are connected to damage
after a while a split chaos fleet is impossible to kill or even reach as their long range damage and crit rate will blow out the engines of any opponent with little to no defense
and a archeron focused fleet (not even pure archeron spam) will already get past most ships shields in the first volley and hit hull with a significant number of weapons

also remember IN sacrificed a part of their main form of damage to get the weapons buff
their ramming damage did get a significant nerf, still usable, but noticeable

tho i do think IN lance damage is a bit too much currently and should be lowered a little again
maybe connected to a very small macro buff to compensate, maybe not

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Being overall satisfied with the patch has reduced me from raging to merely laughing bitterly as we continue with the running gag of "buff lances/Chaos, but buff other factions even more".

I personally don't care at this point as I can mod out my own lances to have more reasonable damage output, but Chaos isn't going to become viable until whoever that is in Tindalos, who dislikes Chaos and blocks their progress, is kicked in their face and Chaos gets a proper, honest to Tzeentch (...) buff exclusive to them.

@ashardalon The way you describe Chaos Tactics is what i wished chaos would play like (they actually used to in BFGA 1). But Chaos cant even kite anymore in this game so it makes the Split groups and flanking attacks almost impossible to do in BFGA 2. To make it work you would have to be a micro god and your oppenent has to be lobotomised and RNGesus favors you the engine crits.

four retributions have a better chance to land a crit with lance weaponry in a match-up against a full acheron build compared to all acherons together. acherons are trash, if you want to do lance chaos stuff, you have to take desolators.

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