Request: Double tap "forward" key to engage sprint mode toggle

As per the title, it'd be nice to be able to sprint by double tapping the "forward" key.

This would eliminate the need to press a separate modifier key to engage sprint mode.

You'd double tap then hold "forward" to sprint; then to return to walking, you'd just briefly release "forward" and press and hold it again.


"This isn't Minecraft.."

And it isn't "Mavis Beacon Teaches Typing" either, is it?

Thanks for the input anyway.

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I 100% agree w OP. Use it in Bf4 and would love to see this implemented.

@congas have you noticed any problems with custom key bindings? Some of my binds simply don't respond at all.

Well, my keybinds seem to behave OK when I press the actual keys on the keyboard. But they can be a bit hit and miss when I assign my mouse buttons to emulate those keystrokes (with Logitech G502). I think that may be a mouse driver problem though.

Having it as an option is always a good thing, even if I probably would never use it.

So that's a +1 from me

Hello all,

Thank you for this suggestion! I'll forward it to the team!