Look at this weapon collision behaviour and tell NWI what you think !

Youtube Video

In my opinion this video shows the real capabilities of the Unreal 4 engine and it should be used in Sandstorm too !
This video was published in 2016, so it´s nothing new.
So the question is , why do we have such a bad weapon collision ?

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If only... I love the game but im starting to feel the devs have dropped the ball. We need to know that they are listening to us and working on the issues that we point out...

+1 for better collision.

I don't think this collision would be better, because it'll start doing things you don't want to happen, and that can be frustrating. Also, it looks a bit stupid when you are just in front of a wall.

What are you talking about ? Did you watch a different video than the one i linked ?
The weapon does exactly what it would do in reality.
Watch the video and try it at home.
It couldn´t be more realistic as shown in the video.

In Sandstorm right now the weapon raises up whenever you hit a wall or an object.
This is so frustrating as you cannot control the moment when the barrel raises.
With the realistic collision you could feel the moment when the barrel is pushed to the side or up and you could react by stepping back or slide to the side.

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That's pretty fantastic. The corner interaction in particular would be a massive improvement over the current system (or the system in nearly any other game). I've love to see it implemented.

Hello all,

Thank you for the suggestion. I'll pass it on to the team.
If I have some news from the devs, I'll come back to you!