The Problem with Carriers and Ordnance in their current state.
  1. Carriers are too expensive for what they provide.

  2. The change in Ordnance cool downs is probably the biggest issue for Carriers atm.
    It severely gibbs their play style of grinding their enemy to dust from extreme distances. With the current cooldowns at extreme ranges you will only have launched 2- 3 flights of ordnance (if they get destroyed by enemy vessels back to back) with unreliable results before the enemy is close to you and pulverizes you with DPS that you cant match.

Some of my suggestion. Make Cool downs seperate from Interceptors and Bomber wings To allow deployment of Bombers along with interceptors to insure your damage is delivered more reliably and OR increase bomber alpha strike a decent chunk so that the damage dealt is felt within those 12- 15 flights of bombers you send out.

Another simple suggestion would be to revert back to the old BFGA 2 ordnance system of cooldowns activating instantly after launch and if your ordnance returns you obviously keep that squad.

  1. Ordnance is too slow.

This is especially noticable when you play vs the eldar and drukhari. If you are playing carriers vs them Good luck. cause your bombers will never make it and you are gonna die a slow death watching your carriers desintegrate 1 by 1.
Is there a way to make ordnance get a incremental speed bonus once they are within point defence range of enemy vessels? Make it so that Ordnance will deal whatever damage or crit within 3 seconds of being in turret range maybe?

I know Ordnance Balance is a tricky thing especially since there are quite a few factions that can really do silly things with ordnance (orks/nids/chaos) Thats why Ordnance will have to be balanced individually amongst the factions to insure that Ordnance does not become Cancer.

I for one hope that the devs figure something out for carriers and ordnance. It is a really interesting playstyle with alot of potential for macro style play if done right.

I would remove this incredibly dumb cooldown thingy altogether. Whoever thought this would be a good idea in the first place may want to go get their head checked, I'm not kidding.

Or at least, maybe, actually play the game for example?

Anyway, I'm playing on my own rules with custom made mod now, and imo giving +200 speed to ordnance makes them pretty solid in my experience. Lets the bombers actually do some damage before perishing, and significantly improves the ordnance's chance to get away from those pesky all ahead escorts.

Of course choosing the exact bonus would require actual testing by players who play a multi, but I think this could be a good start.

+200 speed means +50% speed to bombers and +33% speed to fighters, for most races.

Yeah I'm thinking about putting in a speed boost for ordenance as well. It really does gimp most carriers.

Part of the problem is also in the capacity of ships with AHF and eldars to kite easily. A global speed boost of squadrons will also greatly increase scouting potential of carriers perhaps too much. Another solution saw in a previous thread was to give bombers/assaults a huge (like 1000) speed when at 4.5k range of target to avoir this kiting

@beernchips yeah that is a good idea i was thinking about too. Once squads are in attack range they deal their damage.