Frustrating Coop AI
  • They are able to accurately throw molotovs over any obstacle

  • Snipe you while they are moving

  • Snipe you with iron sights

  • Spot you from miles away

  • See you through leaves and trees

  • Accurately shoots you through walls

Is anyone else experiencing this, or am I just crazy?

No, you are not crazy.
All of your experiences with the AI are very common in Sandstorm.

The AI really needs an overhauling, which hopefully will come with one of the next patches.
At least NWI officially said that there will be made changes to AI behaviour, but did not concretize what exactly will be changed ( click on that link below for upcoming changes ) :

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try my NLD Tactical server you will hate it. so overpowerd love it. bots are fine. noting to complain about

I just had a situation on... Well, I forget what map because they all look identical.

But I was in a room, covered down during an assault, and stepped out. I'm on a roof, crouched down, and start moving forwards.

As soon as I get about 2 meters from the door, still well back from the edges, a molotov comes from behind me, around a corner, and lands directly on me.

I'm all for bots throwing explosives as a zoning or searching fire, but stop making it a goddamn artillery computer that hits me every time from impossible angles.

Hello all,

Thank you for this feedback. I'll pass it on to the team.

The bots are way too ez. People sprint across the map like they are in the Olympics. Ttk in pvp is way too high! People running in the wide open not afraid of death at all. It seems to me that NWI has mad a concious decision to make the game ez for the casual crowd. I could be wrong. Nerfing shotguns into worthlessness & the addition of TDM seems to illustrate this. Thoughts?

I agree with Rifleman, the bots are honestly too easy at medium to close range. I have more fun on community servers where they crank up the difficulty to max. Feels like old school bots on brutal which is great but I do have the same complaints for the bots in general; throwing explosives far too accurately (they also seem to spam them at the beginning of a counter attack ) and shooting through smoke and props that players can't see through (the trees on hideout that were placed at the top of the hill at security spawn for instance). What's also annoying is long range engagements with bipods; its practically impossible to use effectively and the bots response time to long distance gunfire is unrealistically fast and accurate even with flash hider equipped. They seem to instantly know where you are shooting from once you fire a shot at extreme ranges.