Toxic player: Insid3r

Toxic Player: Insid3r
Steam-ID: 76561198872587606

Reason for ban:
Toxic behavior. He is always making team kills and never plays the objective. Insid3r is already for many players known as a toxic player.


  1. ID: 868e0c8f-a056-4b82-84bc-f7c7f23f7818
    In Minute 14:05 he just kills me.

  2. ID: ee2e3a81-147b-4e86-ba91-3c5dca189a53
    In this party Insid3r is in the rival team. He´s leaving he match several times, reconnecting and not playing objectives.

Probably this player has been reported several times by other players.
If this is not the correct way to report a player, please send me a link with the correct URL.


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Another replay with several teamkills:

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you can then ban half of the insurgency sandstorm players. there is always 1 guy doing this lol

idk why you report a toxic player its a game you always get toxic players if you dont want them or less play on community servers where you have admins who bans them if you lucky 🙂

There is a difference between verbal toxicity that can be avoided, and a player who devoted his life to ruining the game for others. I think you should always be careful with banning people based on "toxicity", because it's not as black-and-white as cheating, but if what he said is true, and this player only ruins every game he's in, he should probably be banned.

ID MACH PLIZZ IS HAKING 9128a665-c039-435e-ac82-2cd4f3b9b0e3 AND LINK STEAM IS WALLHAKING

@T-Badalamanabad WOAW you report my because you are loose ! STOP THAT !
We played as a team on discord with my team! You are directly abusing the ban system .... And it is not because I am vac ban from my steam account that I am a cheater: I hate cheaters just like you. They have none deserve!
I was banned from my steam account twice because I unlocked steam successes by looking in the files of different games: chevalry and team forteress 2. So next time be more precise instead of swinging names of account like that on forums ....