Mudrunner 2 feature I'd love to see

Yes I know totally original.

It's been said to unlock new vehicles you have to find and request them. I'd love to see a off road tow truck just for that task.



Being I'm a console player, this is all I ask for. Yes I know I could just get a PC, I prefer console over PC personally.

I'd love to see the ability to share trucks in multiplayer! So if I join a game in progress and there is a truck getting loaded I could get permission from the owner to drive their truck.

@diggydog I didn't know you couldn't? I'm not big on multiplayer lol

I'd like to see a heavy wrecker with a rotator.

@wiatowski like one of the semi truck wreckers. That would also be awesome to have!

🤔 i would just like to have working brakes when using force accel.

I admit a wrecker would be pretty sweet.