Trouble with G29, Pedals and Shifter (PS4)

Guys, I didn't want to immediately report this as bug until I find out if anyone else has the same trouble or possibly it has already been reported-

When I run the K-8400 skidder using my G29, pedals and shifter there is a consistent spot where it won't go. This spot is climbing up onto the road coming out of the swamp on Grizzly Creek, on the north side of the map. I had played a fair bit before I got my wheel and accessories and this is why I thought I had an issue. So, today I double checked the same spot. It get stuck in a place that it should not, and if I switch OFF the wheel and use the dual shock controller it works great! It is possible that something with the shifter vs auto shift when using the DS controller is making this seem different. But I would think using the wheel, pedals and shifter in low gear it would behave the same way but does not.

Anyone else see this? I would not have noticed the difference had I NOT played the same spot using first the controller and then a day later using the wheel.

I am on PS4.

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@diggydog Make sure your pedals are well calibrated where full gas pedal goes to max in the controls menu. That's just for checking. I'm not sure there's a way to change. I remember I used to have plastic pedals that came with my wheel and they also made some trucks underpowered. Then I got better, metal pedals and power got better.

Good thought, but I don't think that is it. Further testing just now seems to link the difference/problem the using the shifter. If I go into the controls and turn OFF Manual gearbox with clutch option the problem goes away. In this configuration the pedals are still used, it just bypasses the shifter and also in the mode, the brake pedal becomes reverse.

@diggydog It sounds like your clutch doesn't fully engage the gears. Make sure there's nothing binding it and it shows a full range of input.

I checked that just now. (Shame they don't have control calibrate in the game, so I use project cars 2). It checks good when I calibrate the clutch. And, in MR, if I put it in gear and slowly release the clutch you can see it starts to engage pretty early with plenty of travel remaining so there is no way the clutch is slipping but that is exactly how it behaves.

I wonder if the skidder in my game has a bad clutch? (Just kidding of course!) I don't have any damage.

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@diggydog How are you testing your Skidder, in first gear? Just make your test is objective and you're using the same gear, load, etc. for comparing.

Yes, first gear and all wheel drive on. It is a very striking contrast when I turn off the clutch option box in the controls menu. And, I have not noticed anything similar to this problem with any other vehicles. I have a buddy with the same setup as mine who I will have repeat my testing to see if it is my hardware or something else. Problem is he doesn't play so much...

I am posting a video to YT now and will link it here when it finishes.

Here is the link -

I'm starting to think this happens with all the vehicles but it was more noticeable with the skidder and the first place I thought "this thing should work much better than it is here".

From a coding perspective I think it would be more likely to affect everything and not just the skidder, but the trucks don't seem so obvious.

I can't be the only person using a G29 with pedals and shifter on PS4? Has nobody else noticed this? I'm going to try and test one of the other vehicles to see if I can recognize the same issue.

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@diggydog Yeah, definitely something wrong. I have no such problem with my T150 wheel and PC version. Hopefully someone else with your setup can chime in.

Can a moderator move or somehow flag this as a bug? I unlocked the K-700 and D-538 yesterday and tested it in the same spot on Grizzly Creek and both exhibit exactly the same behavior as the K-8400. I wonder if this problem is somehow related to vehicles with a three speed transmission?

Another important addition to my testing - I have a buddy with exactly the same wheel, pedals and shifter and I had him test his install and it exhibited the same problem.
Just wanted to add that the location I test is simply an easy to get to and reasonably consistent and repeatable location. You can easily tell that something is not right with the vehicle while traveling under any sort of unfavorable surface like mud.

K-9000 seems to NOT suffer this problem.
Bug appears in hardcore AND casual
PS4 Pro
Logitech G29 wheel, pedals
Logitech Driving Force Shifter

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@diggydog can they realize this is a problem? I'm on Xbox one and I want to use manual with my g920 and this garbage acts just like y'all r talking about

Since this was first reported about three months ago with no response I wouldn't count on this bug being addressed.

I suspect the game was ported to console and there was no intention or thought given to a wheel, pedals and shifter. The simple menu options and complete lack of any sort of force feedback configuration options indicates that this is the case.

I have given up on ever seeing this fixed, I doubt it will ever be acknowledged and most likely not even be addressed in the new version of the game they announced last week.