Ideas for Surge:
  1. Map: Optional (has to be activated in the settings if one wants it, so it is not 'forced'): I am a completionist, but even after 6 goes I am sure I missed a few areas wich drives me insane.

  2. Sunglasses: These should replace any headgear as this headgear. Explanation: if you have a set, the set is no longer complete when you put on the sunglasses, thus making the sunglasses totally uninteresting. IF these were to take the place of said armour headgear, and thus completing the set, these would finally become interesting. Should be able to replace ANY brand of helmet for ANY set.

  3. Claws of the Gestalt: Fairly slow, bit OP, and by all means UGLY and not in-line with the other Twin Rigs when it comes to looks. Cuold be that it is just me though...

  4. Lynx Set: "Increased combat speed" was where I went for, and I am content in this regard, but dang it is SO ugly. There are so nice looking armours ingame, and seeing the Lynx... that is SO frustrating. A cool, streamlined look would be sweet, I reckon.

These are mere ideas, do discuss, but keep it polite.
If you really dislike an idea, be so kind to tell me why, since I am interested in your thoughts about my ideas, "No" does not explain a thing, and thus leaves me with a big question mark as to why the "No".
And "Just because." is not an explanation...
Thank you very much.

This post is deleted!