What is ISP?

ISP community of Polish players created to connect Insurgency Sandstorm fans.
Full name is Insurgency Sandstorm Polska. Our name suggest that we are focused on polish community only, but we are more than that. We are connecting players from Europe and rest of the world.

What do we have at our disposal?

http://insurgency-sandstorm.pl Website
https://discord.gg/7fRgurN] Discord
https://www.facebook.com/InsurgencySandstormPolska Fanpage
https://steamcommunity.com/groups/sandstorm-polska Steam group****

Our website, servers and steam group are administrated by Polish Rebel Squad

https://prsclan.com.pl/ PRS website
https://www.facebook.com/polishrebelsquad PRS Fanpage

http://insurgency-sandstorm.pl/blog/serwery/ And here is a list of our servers.

What are our achievements?

As you can see we are still young community, despite this we have successfully created and sponsored]first Insurgency:Sandstorm tournament with free entry and 250$ prize pool. It was first tournament organized and administrated by us and thanks to participans for helping competitive community grow up!

What is our target?

ISP want to become biggest EU community in Insurgency:Sandstorm.

What are we working at?

  • We are in process of creating "training school" for players who want to start their adventure with competitive in few languages
  • We are in process of creating professional instruction of rules and gameplay in 5vs5 mode.
  • We are in process of creating much bigger events than our last tournament, so be up to date with our site and discord ! 🙂
  • Cooperation with other big games communities
  • And more, what i will inform you in future.


What is now?
Our members and competitive players often describe competitive mode as [i]waiting simulator[/i]. Since few weeks we are playing against solo players or some premade teams that have 2-3 players. This problem is created by community since lot of players can't organize and create team. Often when player see 5-stack team party he just leave game after match.
Other problem of competitive mode is that it require some set of skill and knowledge from player. Beside knowledge of rules which is must is also good to know callouts and use voice chat.
Currently when new player want to try this mode he hit the wall that is not easy to break when you face organised enemy teams and you have random players that don't cooperate. Simply those new players don't have tools to gain experience excluding help from other more advanced players.

Sadly another nail in coffin is created by daily PUGs that take away top players from competitive mode.
We are not saying that creating community with top players is bad because it's very good.
The problem with PUGs is that they are playing on private server instead of official servers for competitive mode.
As a result of this small part of community that is seeking challenge is split between private servers and competitive mode.
At the first glance it looks like small number of players in this mode is creating such big imbalance between teams that scare new players and make this gap even bigger.

Future of competitive

We have bad feelings about this mode. Hours of waiting time in queue combined with very high chance to fight against same team with literally no chance to make any progress will kill this mode in near future.

That is why ISP asks Developers and Communityto prevent kill this mode. There is no other better alternative for competitive in any game. Both us, Community and Developers should support each other, otherwise soon this mode will be forgotten by players.

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