BUFF 7.62x39 and 5.56 DON'T nerf anything

I agree. Buff 7.62x39 and 5.56. Buff 5.45 as well. We need the Insurgency lethality in Sandstorm

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"A teenager, or teen, is a person who falls within the ages of 13 to 19 years old."
You joined the military when you were 12? I don't think so, buddy.

YOU were not a teenager yet.. smdh

Just because someone is older doesn't mean someone is smarter. I think you're a pretty good example here.

Again, you decided to not comment on anything else I mentioned, so I'll just assume that I am indeed right about the following (since you're done trying to argue your side):

-> The SCAR-H is underpowered and needs a buff.

-> You don't know anything about ballistics at all.

-> You don't respond to other people's arguments at all unless you can cherrypick some part of it that's easy to argue.

-> You don't understand Sandstorm's current damage model whatsoever, and therefore, you lack the ability to make a good game balance argument.

-> You have no clue how Sandstorm's "Penetration Power" is calculated, even though you claimed that you did.

-> .308 rounds are indeed better than slugs for armor penetration.

-> You think that Sandstorm is bug-free and has zero issues whatsoever. Seriously, you've never mentioned one negative thing about the game. Fanboy, much?

-> You specifically use examples in your arguments that fit your agenda, even though the examples make zero sense (using long-range .308 ammo in a CQC weapon).

-> To finish it off, you're simply trolling at this point. Either that or you're a complete dumbass. I know this because of how your arguments have zero consistency whatsoever. Here's one of the things I'm talking about:

Mainfold: "The weapon damage in the game is 100% working as intended and based on physics. Don't argue with it."

Marksman: "Remind me again how a Glock 17 has better bullet velocity than an MP5A4?"

Mainfold: "Glock 17 doesn't have better velocity than the MP5's..."

Marksman: "The in-game stats disagree with you on that one."

Mainfold: "There is no Glock 17 in the game."

You went from denying that Sandstorm's damage model has problems to denying a statistic that's extremely easy to disprove to denying a weapon exists in-game at all.

Anyway @Mainfold, I eagerly await your response that'll address 30% of what I said.

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