FAL damage needs to be rationalised

The problem with the FAL as it stands is that it's a 1 shot kill on light armour while other weapons in the general pool (available to the Demo, Rifleman, Commander and Observer classes) in and around its caliber are all 2 shot kills (this seems to be the only AR/BR within the general weapons pool to be able to do so). While I understand that this may be due to its higher muzzle velocity, it creates a problem in terms of gameplay since it elevates the FAL above its peers (such as the G3) by virtue of its damage and makes it a superior choice to what should be its alternative.

This creates a problem within the Battle Rifle category, since the G3 and FAL are no longer alternatives, the FAL does appreciably more damage. Furthermore, in the present case, the greater muzzle velocity is already a buff in and of itself without adding in greater damage on top due to lesser travel time and a greater hitscan range.

Therefore, I would like to suggest that the FAL's damage profile be rationalised by bringing it in line with other battle rifles in its caliber such as the G3 and SCAR H. This would allow the G3 and FAL to remain viable alternatives of each other instead of inordinately elevating the FAL by virtue of better damage.

Ah, I see you've actually looked at the spreadsheet and got a friend to help you run a couple of tests.

Yeah, the meta is ridiculous.

Rhodesians HATE him. Find out how he nerfed this gun with this one simple trick.

Wouldn't it be better to have the damage reverted to one-shot killing again? It isn't right to have someone shot in the chest by an AK and just shrug it off and most of the times just turn around and kill you? I'm OK with it taking more shots for limbs but i think all ARs should kill you in the chest with a single round.

@MaxedOutMelon A shot without armour, sure. But in this case, the rifle is one shotting armoured enemies while it's counterparts can not. It's acceptable for an AKM to one shot an unarmoured person, but the same should not be true for a person wearing armour (even light armour).

This is especially relevant here since the FAL is not only one shotting light armour, it's doing so while the other rifles in it's caliber clearly do not. It's a discrepancy, and one which is not particularly good for the balance between the rifles which fire the exact same cartridge.

7.62x51 is basically a .308. It's a beast. The only real difference between the FAL and G3 is fire rate and that's fine. I like that there is variation between the two teams.
Don't forget security has the MK 14 EBR which is even better than the FAL.

The problem isn't that 7.62x51 is capable of killing with one shot to the chest even through light armor.

The problem is every caliber below 7.62x51 it isn't!

The only times i don't use an EBR or FAL is to either fk around or be lighter on my feet.

7.62x39 needs a buff... 5.56 needs a slight buff...

everything else is fine.

After 530 hrs this is one of the most annoying problems. I find myself thinking
'' I guess i have to use the SVD/EBR/FAL... or the guy i'm shooting at will get cover before i can finish him off.''

Only two things matter when it comes to guns for competitive play in this game...

1- If it can one shot an enemy.
2- Or it keeps you light on your feet.

If it can't do either of those things i won't touch it when i play seriously.

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