Match results screen does not say which team won(!)

Nowhere on the post-match results screen does the game tell the player if their team won or lost the match. This should naturally be corrected, as it is the most imporant piece of info it could display.


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In the previous screen you have that super duper important information.

It will write in really BIG LETTERS in the middle of the screen :




You can´t miss it !
If you see the word VICTORY that means your team has won the match 😉
There you also can see who has done the most MOST KILLS / MOST HEADSHOTS / etc .

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Okay. But the Post Match screen should also tell you!

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Why should that be important to have on the final screen ?
If you won the match you get a lot of points and the bar graph rises a lot.
If you lost you only get a few points and there is almost no raise on the bar graph.
It´s totaly sufficient to have the previous screen for detailes info.

But what really is missing on the survey screen is the total amount of ingame money that the player has earned to be able to buy new outfits.

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@gsg_9_lightning Okay. What if a player decides to go AFK near the end of a casual match of Push or Skirmish after they die and their team is out of respawn waves? Should they have to sit and spectate the match intently for up to 10 minutes to find out if their remaining teammates win or lose the match? Should they not be able to do anything else in that time? Don't be ridiculous. This is a matter of adding one word of text to the "Match Overview" screen. The screenshot I posted is of a match that I won, and no, I would not have been able to tell from only the amount of experience I earned.

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