Weapon balancing suggestions list

These weapons are the most imbalanced in my opinion. What do you think of these suggestions? What weapons are the most imbalanced in your opinion?


  • Decrease recoil (to less than AKM and MK17 have): Vertical 30 -> 26. Horizontal 15 -> 12

Reason: Currently SKS is inferior to AKM in every way except slightly higher muzzle velocity.


  • Increase damage slightly

Reason: Currently MK17 works exactly like AKM, but is inferior. You only get slightly less recoil, but worse ammo capacity and more weight. MK17 should do more damage to be balanced.


  • Make iron sight more open (use close range setting of rear sight)

Reason: You can't see anything with this sight.


  • Increase damage slightly

Reason: MP7 is inferior to MP5 because it requires one more shot to kill. If MP7 did enough damage the default 20 round magazine would be worth using too.


  • Decrease recoil slightly

Reason: It doesn't make sense that M249 has the same recoil per shot as PKM. M249 needs two shots to kill too, so it should be more controllable.

MG3 & M240B

  • Give 2 times as many 50 round drum/pouch mags
  • Make reloading faster when using the 50 round drum/pouch mags

Reason: You don't get enough ammo with the 50 round drum/pouch mags. They also need faster reloading speed.

M24 & Mosin

  • Make reloading slightly faster
  • Make default bolting speed the current Greased Bolt bolting speed
  • Remove Greased Bolt upgrade

Reason: The bolt-action rifles' AP ammo and lighter weight doesn't make up for their slow firing rate and reload. The Greased Bolt upgrade is too expensive too and shouldn't even exist.


  • Increase cost by 1
  • Increase Extended Magazine cost by 1

Reason: SVD is at least as good as MK14 as it kills more likely with one shot. The +50% more ammo extended magazine is also a nobrainer choise as it has no downsides and is so cheap.


  • Increase Extended Magazine cost by 1

Reason: PF940's Extended Magazine gives so much more ammo that it should be more expensive. L106A1 isn't as good because of this.

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Good suggestions. I haven't tried the PKM yet, but currently the M249's recoil seems to be nice. It can be controlled. Maybe the PKM should receive more recoil since it's an old piece of shit with an "Imma tear your arm off" 7.62x54 cartridge.

I still can't believe NWI thinks the MP7 is less deadly than an MP5. Or that the SCAR-H's 7.62 deals the same or less damage than the M4's 5.56. They seem to have gotten this stupid idea in their head that the damage dealt to a human body is only determined by the muzzle velocity. Like what in the actual fuck.