Screen going dark bug

All of the bugs have been fixed (for me anyway) except the brightness bug. I constantly have to look down and hit escape twice to fix it. It's really bad on crossing but can happen in any map.

Hey @MLB7,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you provide us more details, such as when did this happen, on which map, your video settings, etc? Thanks in advance!

This issue has been in every version I played since the open beta. It occurs on every map, and in nearly every location. It really hampers gameplay and adjusting the gamma in video settings don't resolve it.

Darker maps like Summit are really bad. I've experienced this in a variety of different video settings (all low/off, medium, max graphics), different Nvidia drivers--both 970 GTX and 2080 RTX graphics cards.

This eye adaptation issue is one of those things where if it's not done right, then it shouldn't be included because it really affects users' gameplay. Considering how the characters in this game aren't as easy to identify due to this game's artistic direction alongside the camouflage, it's especially a valid concern.

Some users have suggested an "ini" file edit to turn off this auto exposure off but the game looks too washed out. This is really apparent on Refinery.

Additional Info

Note: Based on 773 Hours in cooperative checkpoint only.

@chaton The bug occurs on every map. It does seem to be more aggressive on crossing. The screen gradually gets darker over time. Sometimes it's fast other times it happens slowly. To brighten the screen you need to look down and hit escape twice.

My settings:
Full screen
Vertical sync disabled
Gamma 2.2
Field of view 90
Anti-aliasing off
Texture quality very high
Effects quality high
Foliage quality high
Shadow quality low
Post processing quality very high
Frame rate smoothing off
Frame limiter 120
Motion blur on
Scope setting normal
Dismemberment on
Rag doll count medium
Foliage interactions on
Super sampling off
Ambient occlusion on
Anisotropic filtering 8x
Tessellation on
Screen space reflections medium
Dynamic shadow resolution 512x512
Cascaded shadow map resolution 512x512
Texture streaming pool high

Motherboard- asus z170 sabertooth mark 1
Processor i5-6600k@3.5GHz (overclocked to 4.2GHz)
Nvidia Geforce GTX 1080 armour
Ssd Ocz-trion 150

Thanks for sending the info along.

Yeah, this has been and still is a problem since Alpha. The game's brightness doesn't correct itself when leaving dark areas making it darker than usual when you enter bright areas. Doesn't really change with different GPUs and video settings for me either. (GTX970 to a RTX2080) with lowest and maxed settings respectively. A good example is the second spawn under the bridge of hideout in checkpoint (security). The game will be unusually dark I guess because you are under the bridge. But your eyes in game doesn't seem to register the fact that light reflects off of other surfaces and shouldn't be that dark to begin with.

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