nerf technical sniper pls

another thing that ticks me off is the sniping gunner on the technical; whereas we humans can hardly see anything they are god-like; while I had not even caught a glimpse of the gunner with my 7x hunting scope I got sniped by its first round and it was not by chance as the counter-attack it was part of was very far away from my location and did not even remotely match its "natural" angle ... 😞

Do you think it would be a good idea for the devs to somehow low the field of vision-detection -for the bots that enter the gun? I wonder if there's a mechanic which includes detection by sound but for the bot to react more naturally

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that will be what it comes down to at the end if they make it right. they reduced the field of vision in its angle from 180 to 120° in the last patch and now they would need to reduce the field of visibility over distance by blurring it gradually to them with I don´t know what measure. the thing though is that even if shot at by a sniper, you simply cannot truly aim over the distance with the technical´s gun; all you can do is fire multiple rounds in a "direction" but not a target and so the randomness of the player being hit should massively increase over distance and thus make it more viable to sniper at the hotel of hideout/town ...

Well, I do agree that the field of vision for anything inside a technical MG should be extremely restricted. For the bot, this could be 60-70 degrees since that's about how much you can actually see from within that cupola. Additionally, I also think that the traverse rate of the turret should be a smidge lower.

This would make the technical a less dominant unit for the AI and make its proper use more desirable for the player (using spotter-gunner teams instead of soloing it).

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...> using spotter-gunner teams instead of soloing it

which absolutely is the only viable way 😃

Honestly the technicals are so imbalanced in the AI hands that I would just remove them from coop for the time being.

I think there are two ways technicals could be used by AI to great effect, without making them oppresively overpowered.

First, to act as a screen against flanking players, so the technical moves the base of fire for the bot team in response to players moving around them. This gives the bots the ability to maintain fire superiority even as they lose members, and give the demo player a good reason to stay close to the team.

Secondly, to hunt down stragglers who run off on their own, so that anyone who takes off as a lone wolf gets caught out by a superior force.

I think that using the technicals as an additional threat piled on during counterattacks is actually super annoying, as there is already a swarm of bots to contend with, and having an X-ray machinegun that can kill players anywhere inside a building is just bad design.