My question for devs - do you plan some small interactivity to make game world more alive, more diverse and detailed. For example...

  • Wells - Im sure there will be at least few wells in game world. I would like to see it as interactive object. If you click/press button the water would refresh you (+ a little health or stamina) or wash some item (in case of some quest).

  • Altars/Totems - there could be altars or totems in native villages or hidden sacred places where you could sacrifice some item(s) to gain something (bonuses, summon some creature, get advice from native ghosts etc.). But first you would need to get info how it works and what to sacrifice there (and your native companion could refuse to answer that at first because "its sacred and you are not native" to avoid obvious simple solution to ask your companion).

  • Bell in fort/city - bells could make alarm and bring some additional soldiers if fort/city is under attack (depends on quests and story). Even if there is no scenario like "city under siege" or "hero leads the defense of the city" you could use it for some quest where you would need help of few soldiers. So you use a bell, soldiers come hastily expecting trouble and you trick them for your benefit and lead them where you need to (it could have repercussions later).

  • Domesticated creatures - one early screenshot suggested that natives have some domesticated creatures. These creatures could be interactive as NPCs, just instead of "talk" option there could be "pet" option (just short animation) or for example "give food" (if you have suitable food in inventory). Its just small detail but it could be used in some quest too.

  • There could be also some unique talking creature or just more intelligent creature - it wouldnt talk, only growl (so you would save money needed for voice over), but it would make visible gestures and nods. If your hero or some companion have enough intelligence or some animal skill he/she would understand what the creature tries to tell you. Yes/no answers would be simple nods. Again that could lead to some quest.

  • Cannon - there will be probably some stationary cannon in a city or fort. I wonder if you could make it interactive to use it in some scenario "defense of the city". I assume that create simple shooting minigame (without moving, just aiming at targets) is not an option so it could be designed from perspective of commander. For example you have quest to defend a city. Its your decision how to approach the situation or which area to defend. If you go to cannon crew and command them where to shoot the camera will change to preset angle and short commands will appear near bottom of the screen. The rest of the screen will be view of the battlefield from distance (so the cannon should be located high enough). These options will be areas to shoot like "east", "west", "near the gate" (something like that) . You choose one, then camera goes back to normal view, crew will start to shoot and you could go back to normal play. After several minutes you could command them again.
    If you ignore this option they will shoot themselves but less efficiently.

Most of these things are not hard to do and would help to make the world more alive and unique. Of course that intelligent creature and shooting cannon would need a little more work. Could we expect at least one or two things like that?

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