"Fixed bugs"still frequetly appearing.

I was playing Insurgency: Sandstorm on 350ping, and I heard recurring gun sound lasting for the entire round. Also, grenades sometimes aren't thrown when I release my mouse.

Why do you play on servers with such a high ping ?

The highest latency i ever played are 130-140ms which is realy very high.
Normally i play with 20-40ms

May be you should try to play on servers in your region and compare if you get the same bugs there.

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I'm living in China and I play on Asian server on 100 to 300 ping, but at that time there weren't many people playing on Asian server and my internet wasn't performing so good so that I'm connected to the American server which is more than 300 ping.

@gsg_9_lightning P.S. a nice way to fix unsatisfying experience like this is to build better servers. Although I haven't enjoyed the official servers in Insurgency a lot, I have to say they are a lot more stable than Sandstorm official servers.