Do you progress the same way, like unlocking trucks and whatever in single vs. multiplayer? Not sure if it matters, but I am on PS4.

Edit: are the load requirements different in MP vs Single player? Seems like it takes more to unlock a garage in MP and do you get fewer points for an otherwise identical load of logs? Or does it require more single logs on a truck in order to pack?

I ask because my buddy thinks he is getting more progression points, or unlocking items or generally progressing faster in single player. I'm not sure I agree with him, and, I'd rather play MP, but, what ya gona do?

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It should be the same, yes.

Easy enough to check by playing but if I recall, garage points are doubled up (ie you need 8points to unlock in MP, 4 in SP) but log delivery points stay the same (8 per station).

From a ‘Game progression perspective’, I suspect completing a map will grant the same progression points (for unlocking and selecting vehicles etc) in both game style, although I can’t swear to this as I completed all in SP before moving to MP. I suggest trying both anyway, as the game plays out differently in each case. SP takes more effort and planning, as there’s nobody else helping out.