What map was I playing?

I know this is a HUGE shot in the dark, because I'm going to have a hard time describing the map I played and don't have that many good details or recollection of it.

I'm trying to figure out which map I was playing about a month ago when I first started playing.

Here is what I remember and some specs/details.

This is on PS4, it was multiplayer, we were driving either the Bison, Ford or Freight Liner and pulling the long log trailer on the fifth wheel hitch. We both were new to the game. We left the primary garage and drove on pavement to start, then a bit of dirt and mud where naturally we got stuck but were able to winch out. The off-road section had a bit of a twist and downhill but I don't recall much of it. Then we came back onto pavement. It seemed like we were able to see our route on the map and realized we had to take the bit of off-road. Then back on the pavement it wasn't too far to the log kiosk. I'm pretty sure this was NOT a scavenging point. It was very close to the pavement, I was able to back the trailer into the box to load. I remember having trouble with the position your truck properly message but finally got loaded. There might have been a fuel station on up the road, or maybe a "truck stop, no fuel"?

For the life of my I can't remember which map this was and I have since played most of them looking for the one we played that first night. I know this is a longshot.

The biggest thing I remember about it that I have not seen since was that the log kiosk was so close to the pavement. We were playing on casual mode.

If I had to guess I would say Grizzly Creek but there isn't a kiosk and the scavenger points are way too far from the pavement to match my memory of the map.

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It sounds like the map called Mount Logmore to me.

It is not that difficult πŸ™‚
Because you are on PS4 -> just stock maps, ther eris not so much possible solutions.
Just try both AW maps and you should be able to recall correct one πŸ™‚


It was mount logmore...

I was going crazy trying to figure this out. What was throwing me off was since I started playing hardcore, I never go into that log station on the northeast side of the map since you need to go to the various scavenger points instead.

Now I need to switch back into hardcore mode, what does the log station become when you play hardcore? Just a parking spot?

@diggydog Log stations are not working under HC, so yes, you can park a truck in there. For example πŸ˜ƒ

@sodoma I’m playing the first single player map in HC mode. I’m exploring with my 4x4 to unlock view point on the map and I stop to play yesterday near a log kiosk.
A question: if I go to the log kiosk with my truck I’m not able to carry logs??
I must go on a log station?


@masterzone At HC mode Log stations are disabled. Only thing that you can use is Log kiosk (Scavenge point).
So you should bring some crane with you πŸ˜‰

@sodoma sorry maybe I wrong to type the right name. What differences from kiosk and log station?

Log station is area on the ground that loads you automatically.
Log kiosk is that wooden thingie, that allows you to spawn certain logs based on your wish.
(now i just hope that I didn't mess it up)
Under HC you have to spawn logs and load your truck manually, automatic loading is disabled.

@sodoma ahhhh ok so I need a crane for loading logs on my truck instead of going to a log station with a trailer and fill it with a click, right?
I thought To find the log spawn on a log station as well.
Interesting to know πŸ™‚

The game has 3 loading systems, Log Station (exclusive to Casual), Scavenger, and Log Kiosk.

Log Station is a big red square area on the ground, just drive in and select load size, and you load automatically.

Log Kiosk is a little wooden wood harness you see around the area of most Log Stations. With a Log Kiosk you pull up beside it, spawn in the size of logs you need, then use a crane to manually load the logs into the truck.

Scavenger are more wood harnesses found in the woods or swamps depending on your map, Scavenger comes with a load of logs already waiting for you. You have no choice what to pick, if a Scavenger has long logs then you need a long log trailer and that's that. Just like Log Kiosk a Scavenger also needs to be loaded manually, so you need a crane.

Personally speaking Scavenger is by far my least favorite, I'd rather have a Log Kiosk any day. I like carrying 2 loads of small logs for 6 points, or a small + medium for 7 points. But with Scavenger it forces your hand to pickup just whatever the game spawns in, and that's neither as enjoyable or even realistic. Like when me and father was cutting firewood we'd always cut sticks at a consistent 8 foot length. We didn't go into the wood and find random blown over 20 foot tree's and go "well, I guess we need a bigger truck". Like what? πŸ™„

And again when you see those Forester tractors limbing and cutting tree's, they again cut them to a consistent desired length. They don't just take the logs as is and go "Ok we need the long trailer for this one."

Scavenger is the worst. Sadly it's what all the new maps has, so it seems Focus for some reason likes it.

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Well, I like it too.
By my opinion, it is my the MOST favorite. Simply because it is point of randomness in game, it forces me to improvise and makes game more enjoyable.
I see your point, IRL I cut logs to consistent lenghts as well, but we are playing a game here πŸ˜‰

@sodoma said in What map was I playing?:

Well, I like it too.
By my opinion, it is my the MOST favorite. Simply because it is point of randomness in game, it forces me to improvise and makes game more enjoyable.
I see your point, IRL I cut logs to consistent lenghts as well, but we are playing a game here πŸ˜‰

By rights they should have both. Have the Scavenger points, and have a Log Kiosk in a more difficult part of the map. Then you can pick between easier access to a random load, or more difficult access to a load of your choosing.

@justinlynch3 Seen several maps with such solution, but it is not that common...

Agreeing with Sodoma. Once you’ve done each map often enough, I think you appreciate the randomness you get from scavenging, as from log to log you don’t know what you need, so you have to alter your game play each time, giving you a bit more gameplay.

I go one further and say my preference is log recovery from the ground as you have on the DLC β€œcrane operator ll” challenge. I would even prefer the logs not to be bunched up but spread out in singles over a wider area. If you want it easier, or perhaps for MP, you could have a lot more logs of all sizes and then still go get the size you want, but have to look around the map for them. If we’re lucky, MR2 will give us all the different options to choose between.

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I am not sure about this.
When logs will be spread all around the map without any hint at the map, it will be real pain in the neck to find them. They could be anywhere and maps are already big enough to let you search them for the rest of your days (almost πŸ˜ƒ )
If there will be a hint at the map...well, you are back at scavenge mode I think...

I like the challenge of scavenger. The trick is pick up the logs you find, then, new ones spawn. I drag the logs back to loading points find the ones I need and when I return I bring the truck I already have pulled out logs for.
Sometimes I'll spend a bit of time dragging out all 3 types of logs to the loading points. At least couple loads of each.

@wiatowski That is interesting. I remember, that earlier I hit the limit of logs on the map. It was like 13 of short logs, 9 of medium and IDK how many long ones. But there was a limit, when reached, older logs started disappearing with spawning a new ones.
But maybe it was ST era, so don't take me too seriously on this...

@sodoma I know at the loading kiosks I've filled an entire truck and trailer without them disappearing.......πŸ€” So is it different for console?