new player causes extra bot spawn stutter

what we have noticed if you have 5 players

for example we have max bots set to 30 and min 10, so we have 20 with 5

a new player joins who is dead and immediately the bot number increases to 23 bots which then causes stutter.

what it should do is wait until the new player spawns and then add the bots.

this is a definite cause of stutter that we can reproduce.

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Good to see the devs/focus Interactive communicating with you mate. Alas, we have the big 'silence'. Hopefully, through steam forum and here, we have given them enough information to fix the game. I might even charge them for my time - seeing as most in-game sessions are focused on trying to get a stutter-free experience.

yes they are not good on communicating even with confirmed and reproducible issues.

sadly they are easy targets for criticism, due to lack of the ability to fix long term bugs, I dont think they actually know how to fix it, perhaps dont have the skills, with terrible optimizations, terrible comms to the community, and lack of any new content for over 6 months, its easy to be down on them.

but its a good game and has huge potential but needs fixing and NEW Content,

1 new map will not fix it on its own.

Still no reply from anybody related to the development of the game. They are asking for people to stream etc - which I'd love to do - but with all the stuttering it isn't worth it.

Come on guys!!! At least let us know you care.

Hello everyone,

Thank you for your feedback. We're still focusing on improving the game and that remains our top priority.
The team is aware of this and working on it.


This will improve the game. The stutter is the reason why the active player count is so low. This is the cause of stutter. Unless I'm missing something THIS should be your priority.