Shotgun wrong ammo count since 1.1.1

The ammo count on the shotgun got broken since patch 1.1.1, it was working fine before the patches.

1- If the gun is full(8 shells) you shoot once and it still shows 8.

2- If you empty the gun it says it has 1 round in it when it doesn't, only after you press R(reload) it shows 0 in red.

For some reason i can only reproduce this in multiplayer, in range map(singleplayer) doesn't seem to get broken.

Very annoying when you are in intense situations thinking you still have that last round in it just to stay looking at the guy for that micro second like a mad man then get blasted in the face.

Hey @PushOrGetOut,

Thanks for pointing this out! I'll pass it on to the team!