Neat Debris Mechanic

I was testing some game mechanics to try to learn more about crits today, and I ran across this:

Youtube Video

I had no idea this was a thing and I'd never heard anyone talk about it. Just wanted to share, since these debris objects might be really useful as partial cover in some cases, and obviously not just the ones that start in the map (you can make your own 😃 ).

@whitehawke It's highly situational, which is why you never hear about it since it rarely makes much difference. Only ever had it debris help me win a game once, in all my years of playing, and that was thanks to caps and the fact escorts are so small.

@caliger_reborn Sure I get that it's not a big deal, but I bet it has helped you in incredibly slight ways many more times than you knew. I do agree that I think it would be really hard to intentionally take advantage of this though.