Bad performance in Refinery!

The Refinery was always the map with worst performance for me. Other maps are very good.
I try a local play today in single player to test it and after patch 1.1.4, Im experiencing a huge frame rate drop next to point D playing with Security, like drops from 67 to 13fps. I didnt have these great drops before.
The rest of the map is not so bad, but when Im using scope(not pip) the frame rate drops a bit too.

Other matches I played online in other maps was all good.

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Hey @Shadoware,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention. Can you please provide your DxDiag, so we can see which GPU and CPU you have?



Only other thing I think the game should improve is shadows. The game is smooth if I run it with shadows on low. Any option above that, though the game stills runs at about 60fps, I dont feel its smooth enough.

I played the refinery map in online pvp and the problems didn't happen. Its local play problem only.

I find some people in some forums complaining that the game is still broken. I think some people are facing harder problems. I never really had strong bugs anyway but I think other players have.

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