Last stand gamemode

I just thought i would throw the idea out there. like in dawn of war 2, control a single "hero" ship with lots of skills and defend against waves, fight a titan class ship, do an objective etc. think this could spice things up on the multiplayer scene. it also looks like people have talked about it before. anyway thoughts?

i thought of something similar, but instead of a hero ship you have a fleet and a space station to defend from X number of waves, you could then repair ships back to full HP but not repair the space station

I dont mean to be a debbie downer but i just dont see it working well :S.

It worked for DoW 2 because the games core was set up perfectly for it.

What fits one thing dont mean it could be easily applied to another. It would take alot of resources to make it work for alot of risk.

I think the devs would be better off enriching the coop campaign aspect of BFGA 2. Maybe adding new features to that. Maybe the tools for a campaign editor of sorts

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