Interesting that the Steam Forum seems to be the more important platform for NWI.

Part of the Post :
"We have also been working on a few new features, including an improved server browser which you can see below

Youtube Video

, XP gain for community servers with normal game rules, AI improvements, a custom map editor, matchmaking improvements, and a new Arcade mode. We’re also working on a new official game mode that is a “hardcore” version of Checkpoint. This mode introduces some unique mechanics and a different pace of gameplay geared towards our hardcore audience, and it’s been really fun already in playtesting. We’ll be revealing more information about all of these additions in the coming weeks."

Part of an Interview with nofrag from :
"NWI: We currently have several maps in various stages of production. The next map we plan to release will be very different from the current maps in the game, taking place in an abandoned construction site. Remakes of classic Insurgency maps such as Sinjar and Ministry are also in development and will come in future updates. Night maps are also planned as part of our post-release content plan but due to the additional work required with new assets such as NVGs, flashlights, changes to AI behaviour, lighting, and other factors these will be coming later in Sandstorm’s development. "

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