Offer to solve a problem with exceeding the limit points

We players often face a problem in the multipere, when we collect a fleet and exceed the limit by literally 1-3 points. I want to propose a solution - to introduce a system of debuffs for exceeding instead of making the assembly impossible.

For example, we have collected a fleet of 1202 points, we can save it, but all ships will receive debuffs - 2% reloading weapons, abilities, shield recovery. 1-3% are not critical, but if you exceed by 30%, then such penalties will be very significant, but an additional 30 points are not worth it. It means that players will not abuse it.

Contacting the developers, could you introduce such a system? This would improve the game and not worsen the balance. What do you think about this?

I think the current system is fine. What you are suggesting would cause a lot of balancing problems and open the game up to more cheeze.

complete agreement with CANNED here that would be easily abusable and yea i get you its a pain to be a few points short but its not just armour,hp and firepower but ship ability as i could easily take more ramming ships as the imps since i don't care about the guns that much its the torps, ramming and moral damage which is already strong but give me more ships and it would be broken.

I disagree and believe this suggestion would make balance even more of a challenge as 1 to 3 points makes a large difference when it comes to fleet composition unlike the traditional TT games like WFB or 40K.