Perks Changes or tweak suggestions Thread.

I know that there are quite alot of perks in this game that are pretty weak, niche, or down right useless. So i figured we could throw em all on this thread and maybe help the devs figure out what to do about it in future patches.

Just put in


Perk 1 (change or tweak)(Reasoning)
Perk 2 (change or tweak)(Reasoning)

This is Perks only. Abilities atm imo seem to be ok for the time. I might create a thread to talk about those later.

Phase Shifter (Necrons)/Navigation Shields (Imperials/Tau)/Polarised Fields (Eldar)/Krumpin Zones (Orks). Remove it or make it a passive for certain factions by default. It’s a skill that negates mines, asteroids and spore fields. It’s incredibly situational, and relies on the environment which is randomly generated. It’s not something anyone would ever take, and a waste of a slot.


Hell Drakes should Make interceptor squads tougher as well as improve the damage your interceptors do to turrets. This will allow Chaos Carrier fleets to soften up enemy Cruisers turret defenses better and be able to protect them from fleets that have a healthy amount of ordnance themselves like Nids etc.

Chaos already has so many boarding oriented perks. I find it makes more sense Lore wise to make them the Aircraft killers they are.

This is a great idea @CANNED_F3TUS , thanks for proposing it! We'd love to hear all your feedback on this. Feel free to create a thread like this on abilities too. 🙂

I urge anyone answering to follow the suggested format of @CANNED_F3TUS to make it easier to go through quickly, thanks!

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i might add more to this later since i don't have everything unlocked but here are the things i can think of right now:
castellan robots: they aren't a boarding faction to begin with and you usually don't bring more than one battleship so that extra troop dammage is pointless.
culexus assasins: with little to deal morale damage elsewhere it doesn't do much to the enemy to lose a little extra morale.
eldar craftworld/corsair:
blessings of vaul: I have no clue why anyone playing eldar would ever get as close as within 4500 unit range as you are basically killing yourself at that point
unstable pulse core: starpulse really shouldn't be used offensively, thus the damage increase is sorta wasted.
acid blood: any player who is aware of their surroundings wouldn't really stay in the trail for long enough to have it matter.
high density bio plasma: conventional nid weaponry doesn't do a whole lot and this skill doesn't change that.
predator instincts: whenever i tried this the crits seemed to not really happen. probably because their macros don't do much.
seeker turrets: this isn't a range you want to be in. and if you are in this range the extra 0.5 damage isn't gonna save you.
attuned lens coating: the most use this can get is with their battleship which only has like 6 ion canons with 4 damage each. not really worth it.
feel free to correct this if you have found use for any of these or yaknow add things that i missed cuz i don't have every faction in lvl 10. i know i didn't include changes but i don't entirely know what that might be tbh.

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I feel like flagship only ones are usually not worth much. Maybe different when we get titans, but still I think they need to be somewhat better.


Upgrades that increase id range are somewhat subpar, since they don't increase the id range against stealthed units, and we have escorts with scans anyway.
The "augur array" type upgrades should either work on all ships, not only escorts/light cruisers, or increase the id range against stealthed units as well. I believe that would make it a very viable upgrade against stealth heavy factions, without making it a game breaker.

@imperator said in Perks Changes or tweak suggestions Thread.:

I feel like flagship only ones are usually not worth much. Maybe different when we get titans, but still I think they need to be somewhat better.

Yeah i think it be better if it boosted the Damage output as well to make it worth getting a propper flagship.

@nemesor-xanxas but you can change skills and ability at the start of a match when you have seen the map so it being situational surely is not a big issue ?? Kinda like how i will take certain skills against certain factions.

@sn1percat even in its situational use, its pretty bad. It requires ships to stay within a small area and gain almost no benefit in exchange for said small area not damaging them. Maybe it would be kinda useful against nids, but spore fields really aren't what you should be worrying about with them. In general its situational because to actually use it you have to restrict yourself extensively and there are just better options. The sole realistic time it would be useful is if you wanted to drive through an asteroid field, and thats not really worth an upgrade slot.

Worst is possibly the ork flagship ones, as they ignore cannons and only apply for guns and zapps.