(Problem seems solved by 1.2) Effects Quality Settings --- interesting effect on graphics performance

Don't know if this was mentioned before - no matter, I found something...

Edit: all maps, Insurgents/Security, online and local

When joining the action after the truck drive, going into settings and change the effects quality value from "high" (or medium, very high) to low - apply - changing back to the start value "high" - apply - and going back into the game then the graphics performance increases instantly - in my case - by 15 - 25% (it's map depending).

Edit: the settings change can be done at any time within the game, even in the preparation phase or during truck ride or death cam...

Typically the game starts at 45-50 fps at 99% graphics load, when making the changes as decribed above I'm at stable 60 fps as desired and approx. 80% load which gives enough head room for action loaded situations.

No other quality settings change has this effect.

Probably other interested players want to try this out to confirm or refute this finding. Maybe it's just my config.

Playing at 4k/60 fps.


CPU...........Intel i7 5820k @ 4.4 GHz (44x 100 MHz, 1.291 V)
Board........ASUS X99 deluxe (BIOS 3902)
Graphics...ASUS Strix OC 980 4Gb (CC 1525 MHz, VRAM 3900 MHz)
Memory....G-Skill 32 Gb (4x 8Gb @ 2400 MHz)
Storage.....Samsung SSDs 850 pro

Windows 10 pro 64bit
Nv419.67, Nv425.31, Nv430.39

4K Resolution
Frame Rate Limiter @ 60 fps in display driver via Nvidia Profile Inspector



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'joining the action after truck drive' you mean in Checkpoint?

PvE / CoOp / Checkpoint... yes… when the round starts…

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Not so much response about this so far. Probably I've to visualize the problem a little bit - we really talk about a massive fps impact. For me it's the differerence between unplayable and reasonably good playable (but not really enjoying if you have a look at the frametimes - microstuttering, you know...).

And it's an approval that something is not working right within the effects section (or it's implementation).

Have a look… Example: Summit, from start via A to B. RED: without settings change (effects: high); BLUE: made settings change after restarting the game as described in my op.

0_1556100227132_Summit_start_a_b_effects_setting_2019-04-24 112220_a.jpg


...other things happen that have a significant impact on framerate/stuttering when avatars/bots come close to your own or a burning MG truck till it explodes, damaged ceiling ventilators and air condition boxes (the active ones, smoking after destruction) - as long as they are in the field of view. Each of these scenarios cost me 20-30% of graphics load. Of course you'll not notice this as long as there is enough graphics power available.

But this is called optimization potential...

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Hi helsing

I've been trying this out and you are correct!

Switching from Very High -> Low -> Very High gives me a huge performance increase - as much as 75% !

On Town map just now, for example, it went from 40 to 70 fps after switching effects to Low and back again.



My potato:

Intel i7 920 4 x 4.0GHz on ASUS P6TSE
Windows 7 64bit
12GB (tri-channel) DDR3 Memory
AMD Radeon R9 270X (2GB DDR5 VRAM)

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Thanks for your reply, Congas!

Probably this encourages others to try this, too.

Maybe you could add your specs to your post. Would be interesting.

A developer should have a look into this. I've also posted this on Steam forums some weeks ago but it was completely ignored there.

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Okay... I've switched from a GTX 980 to a RTX 2080 and what can I say…
There is the same influence on graphics load/power when making the "effects low switch" as described above with the 980 - I have the direct comparison in front of my eyes.

Here we are talking about an amount of approx 15% graphics power that is simply wasted.
Taking into account the other fps degrading things as described above which show a similar percentage loss there is a good 30% load waste at times on a 2080! I've experienced remarkable frame frops during game play.

Let's do something more useful with this.

Please. Optimize.

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Sounds like more optimization is needed for the new cards

@kahlekingztv said in Effects Quality Settings --- interesting effect on graphics performance:

Sounds like more optimization is needed for the new cards

I don't think it's a problem of the cards. It happens on AMD and Nvidia models, old and new.

I assume there's something wrong either in the engine or game code.

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This bug is also in the current CTE....

Checked the "low switch" after 1.2 and the hot fixes.

The effect is gone. It's less than 2% of the graphics load now - insignificant.
Good news...

Stuttering and fps loss by getting close to other avatars / bots seems to be history, too.

Still there:

Damaged ceiling ventilators and the burning MG truck still consume 15% graphics load each on a 2080.

Alot of power for a little bit of smoke...

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