Updates? Really?

You have to wonder who the hell is bullying the guys developing this game.
Launched way to early. Should have had this game ship shape before release.
Two maj updates? Updates? Hell, for myself things have gotten worse in more ways than before these patches were released.
You can hardly call them patches since they actually broke more than they were supposed to address.
I do not really play the game anymore. Nor could I recommend it.
Fixed the machine gun loop?? Are you kidding me? You gotta wonder how on earth did they test this game before releasing the so called patch. Because that god damned machine gun loop is more prevalent now than ever before. It has totally ruined the game for me. Five time in one round I was wishing for ear plugs and died because I couldn't hear a damned thing.
Hearing? Thats right...... there is also the sound dropping out still..... Where you get NO sound for up to 8 seconds....
So between the machine gun loops and sound drops.....its unplayable.
And as I have been reading others comments......add these to the rest of the issues and you have an almost totally broken game.
Sack the A'hole who is making all of these stupid ass'd decisions. Because he is the biggest ass in the building.
Yep, I am freak'n frustrated as hell. I loved this game BEFORE the first patch. Always had over 120 FPS...now....hell...massive drops to 3 FPS from time to time.
Good night, and good luck.

Yes, i understand your frustration, everybody here in the Forum does understand what you mean but for gods sake, why are you so agressive ?
Are you just 16 years old and therefore not being able to bring out your arguments in a more civilized way ?
Just because you are an anonymous here on the forum you should´t be so ruthless.

I am playing this game since alpha and the game developed pretty good so far.
These guys just need some more time to fix the crappy things and polish the game.
Gaming Software development is a difficult thing , especially on the PC-platform, because there are thousands of hardware-combinations possible.

Do you even know how much money it costs to bring out such a game ?
30, may be even more programmers have to be paid montly, they need an office building which costs montly a huge rent, the computerhardware and the necessary licences have to be paid which is very expensive ( don´t forget the rent for international gameservers which are necessary to allow everybody on this planet good latency timings ), monthly electricity and internet costs , and expensive marketing/advertisement costs round that thing up. Now try to calculate the summary costs for approx. 3 - 4 years of work just for this game production.

Additionally the switch from Source to the Unreal Engine 4 sets new difficulties for the programmers, because it´s totally new to them.
They have a learning process right now and just need some patience and support from their customers.

If you don´t want to play Sandstorm any longer, o.k. , deinstall the game and bye bye.
Nobody is going to miss you !
Are you a millionaire and you think you can do it better !?
Ok, show us your talent and impress everybody here with your variant of a new FPS game which sets a milestone in gaming industry.

But if you want the developers to be aware of the existing problems on your PC tell them in a more productive criticism without getting personal.
What about telling them your PC-Specs and sending them your DX log file ?
Now that would be helpfull !

Personally i am very thankfull that NWI did such a good start with sandstorm and they improve the game step by step.
Yes sometimes backsteps are made but as i said they have a learning process too.
At least community managers forward the criticism and suggestions to the NWI developers team and someone there will decide if and when things are worked on.

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You complain about somebody "being too agressive" yet a couple of sentences thereafter you cynically tell him "bye bye, nobody's gonna miss you". Now that's an interesting switch. Shows how you act just like the same person you try to "educate" to use adequate etiquette.

Now listen, I don't care about development cost, game developer's so called "talents" & all that load you try to flash up before our eyes to bully us and make us feel small and insignificant in the great scheme of things. I paid cash for an FPS game, so i want to play this game and have a good time. Most of the time I really did, but with a whole lot of brushed off anger and pent up unnecessary frustration regarding bugs and horrible logic/AI defects. I'm grateful for a great sound design and addictive shooter, for the most part, providing things work as they are expected. But don't forget, you run a for profit business and not selling a mobile game. You promised us a lot, and we've been waiting more than patiently all this time for the team to deliver what was promised.

Please take the time and DO read through ALL the comments first. Clear the artificial fog before your eyes to see in exactly what a lamentable state your pet project currently is, after the so called "patches" and "hotfix", BEFORE you start preaching about manners to justifiably angered customers.

Insurgency: Sandstorm is still riddled with ridiculous - or rather borderline insane - logic defects and blatant bugs, which were reported by more than a couple of different users (many even resorted to begging you to fix certain issues) and met with total ignorance - smh in utter disbelief. And this goes on 4 months after game launch. I think I'm not alone when I say at almost level 200 I became totally satiated with this disregard towards users' complaints and have enough of your incompetency in combination with anti-customer attitude, which you all so glaringly and proudly show off towards the PC gaming community, you make a living of.

One thing seems obvious at least to me, after the experience I've gone through during these months.

Nobody plays their own game at neither NWI nor Focus Home Interactive, and as a consequence, nobody really cares.
There is no other logical explanation to this lunatic mess, with no real hope of getting any better as time goes on.

I, for my part, will think twice to buy any game from this studio, and avoid to share anything related to this product either on social media or through word of mouth. Infact, I wholeheartedly regret ever doing these acts to friends and colleagues. I was amped then and full of high hope. Now I see fully, how wrong I was.

A very sad story indeed, which teaches both of us a good lesson. But hey - at least there are other titles I've shelved indefinitely for the sake of yours, so life goes on without you.

I guess it's high time I wiped off the dust from these candidates, maybe they deserve my time a lot more.

Good night and good luck with your further projects. As for me, it slowly became clear, the game belongs to the "beyond saving/abandonware" category. Not because it wouldn't have deserved proper attention - on the contrary. It's entirely due to your palpable nonchalance and tacit carelessness towards gamers in general.

In other words:

You talked the talk, but you didn't walk the walk.

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Do you really think that i am willing to convince such a person with kind words to stay in the Sandstorm community and continue to play on ?
Who cares if he or you or anybody else is ragequitting and deinstalling the game ? If this is his or your character than i say it´s o.k. , bye bye !
As long as unpolite customers insult people here in the forums ( especially NWI developers who really work hard to fix and polish this game ) because they think that they are anonymous and act like that without fearing consequences, i have no reason to be polite to them.
If such people don´t got the right parental education ( which is so typical in younger generations ) they don´t need to think that their behaviour will be accepted by others.

By the way i already took my time to write and explain the developers situation ( which has already been published a few times now in some interviews ).

If you as a customer have the attitude that a software has to work perfect because you payed for it , then i have to say : WAKE UP !
Since when does software work perfect on final release ?
Windows 3.11, Windows 95, Windows ME, Windows XP, Windows 7 / 8 / 10 ? I-phones ? Android Phones ? Adobe ? Smart TV´s ? Tesla electric cars ?
You get it ? Not even the biggest and smartest companies are able to deliver the perfect software product.
There is always an update , hotfix, patch, whatever you call it to make software better than the earlier version.
Same rule for games. There is not a single game that never has been patched to a better version.

You paid for Sandstorm : You can play the game just like 500.000 other players, online, singleplayer, multiplayer, versus or coop.
The game works and is fun to play !

Show some patience and respect for people who are trying to fix the problems.
They always say that they will support the customers with bugfixing and new content for approx. 3 years for free !
No more money to pay ! No ridiculous microtransactions for weapons / equipment or outfit. Every player can get every item by just playing the game.
So why don´t you just be thankful for what you got until today and for what you will get in the coming future ?
You paid how much ? 27 Dollars ? They should have sold it for twice the price !
There are always people who complain about this and that ( i also made several posts here with bug reports and suggestions how to make the game better )
Normally adult people understand the existing problems and don´t ragequit like a 16 year old whining boy.

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"Nobody plays their own game at neither NWI nor Focus Home Interactive, as a consequence, nobody really cares."

Still waiting to be contradicted. But not with words.