Frag Grenades From Allah Himself

Saw this on Mountain a few times.


I can confirm that grenades stay in the deploy point after the loading game is over. I saw this multiple times.

Was that grenade in the middle dropping from the sky just the splitsecond you made the screenshot ( so it´s perspective could be correct if it was in the air directly in front of you )
or was it really THAT HUGE in comparison to the regular frags lying around it ( the MOTHER OF ALL GRENADES ) ?

I think it has already been reported but i confirm it too, since latest patch 1.1.4 there are so many fake grenades spread around on the ground which one cannot grab / take.

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@gsg_9_lightning Sorry for the late-ish reply.

No, these frags are not actual frags. The one up in my face is literally floating in the air lmao.

Hey @MarksmanMax,

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! It'll be forwarded to the team!