Want a higher texture streaming pool size option.

Title says it all, "high" preset uses about 4 GB VRAM, off uses it all but results in micro stutters. What I want is a Ultra option that 8GB VRAM GPUs so that we don't experience texture pop-in/higher CPU usage.

If it helps to reduce the stutters , great idea !
Many players have upgraded their GPU to be able to play latest games in good quality and smoothness.
I am sure that such an option would be appreciated.

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Anyone know where (or if) in UE the Streaming Pool Size can be edited in the config files? Even 8Gb is small for cards like the new Radon VII that has 16GB and higher end NVIDA cards that have 12Gb.

Three sizes fits all is just silly as there are cards with 4, 6, 8, 12 and 16Gb, and a growing number of capable APU's that can allocate a highly granular and wide range of video RAM from 2 to 64Gb.

It just makes sense to make the setting more granular to not only give everyone the best performance their hardware can offer whether that's smoother performance on more constrained systems, or higher resolution and more cached texture sets.

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