editing driver skins

so i figure i would see about changing the drivers skins around and/or making my own, but this has gotten me curious. what has other people done for editing their drivers? what does your drivers look like? 🤔

only just got started messing with this, but guess i will start off simple and easy. as i figure most people have done, i just swapped the stock driver skin with the AW DLC skin and got this. lol
alt text
alt text
a lot of little things "wrong", but still i like it better so far. lol
now to figure the layout for skin files.

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@8up-local __looks really cool! noticed that he's kinda got a hump-back. Great work_Rufus

well idk about great work. was just swapping files around. the tricky part i feel will be figuring out how the skins are laid out really. will most likely have to totally reskin the files to make them "look and work right". 🤔

ok, so not much done so far, but got rid of the eyeball on the drivers wrist/forearm. it is a start anyway. 😄
alt text

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@mexican_420 nope, never even saw it till now. lol thanks for the link and heads up mexi 👍🏽

not sure what it is about it, but i am liking the "hybrid" version so far and will play around with it for a bit.

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ok, so not much head way yet, but slowly getting somewhere i think. still need to remove the black under the arms. this would be so much easier if they would have used the same basic layout on the skins, but nope both are laid out differently, so a bit of trial and error fiddling with things. lol
alt text

@8up-local, If you compare the textures from both drivers, you can see that they're totally different. The American driver has overalls on with a flannel underneath and the Russian driver only has a long sleeve shirt on.

These may help ya
alt text
alt text

Do you use 3ds max?

no, just playing with the textures or images really. nothing serious, just got curious and like how the russian drivers face looked with the beard and started fiddling around. so next question was to ask what others might have done. either basic reskin or up to complete full driver models.

personally i have no real interest in getting into modeling or anything. just like to change up the looks sometimes.

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Here is my custom driver art. Don't really like the USA driver much.


Both drivers are actually the same model with different clothes. Except for the arms you see when in cabview. The USA arms, in cabview, look like the dude is a weakling and look terrible. I don't like that and think he should have done a better job on them.

The reason you see black on the sleeve and underarm is because of the black background of the texture. The white stripe is from the shoes which also look to be the exact same on both models. If you overlayed the russian body texture over the usa texture, you'd see how they differ. And the little round parts, in the image Spun posted of the skin near the hand with the blue in them, are the fingernails in case you wanted different color fingernails.

Also, the arms and legs you see when in cabview are not from the full model. They are a separate model all together.

alt text

2 little questions i am curious about.

  1. can the usa beard mesh be laid onto the russian mesh and still work?
  2. just where exactly is this gold watch at (gold bit in upper right of russian driver skin)? it is on the image file, but i have yet to see it in game. shall i assume it is not actually used?

@8up-local, let me re-iterate question 1

1 - no, the model is skinned with an animation sequence added. It CAN be done but not by us since we don't have the original model.
2 - dunno. I don't see it either.

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gotcha, i just like the look of the russian driver with the usa beard, so i guess i shall play around with this "hybrid" version a bit and figure out something. lol


What "hybrid" version are you referring to? The USA driver? I can give you a new texture that may make it easier for you to make changes to. I rendered these out at 1024 instead 512 and removed the extended color so it's easier to see where the mapping stops. I turned them into .png so I can post them here. You'll just have to convert to .dds. I gave you the skin too just in case ya wanted it.

What I do when doing when trying to find out what goes where, I'll paint a certain part a bright yellow too see where it is on the model. I find it easier than guessing. This way here you'll see where each part is aa lot easier.

alt text
alt text

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yeah, hybrid as in using the usa meshes, but russian skin. thank you for the images @Tattoo . i use the same way to figure out the image layout as well. spot of contrasting color here and there to find edges. which is why my images above look so bad. lol i figure i would "clean" things up a bit once i get a better idea of the look and feel i am wanting of my driver. also why i would like to keep the usa beard with the russian skin. idk what it is about it, but i am liking it. just needs a bit of "clean up" work imo.

@Tattoo How are you putting the usa driver into 3ds max? Stupid To Ask Yes, But im not sure.

@riskywisky, Sorry but forum rules state that I can't explain that in the forums.


I dont think that gold 'thing' is a watch, rather it is something on the hat. idk tho