unban Sevrawr187

He shouldn't be allowed to spawn camp like he was doing (but you shouldn't have released such a broken game) He is one of the best players I've seen, and frankly has done a lot of free promoting of your game. This game unfortunately doesn't have a huge playerbase, and he is one of the only people that made videos of your great game.

Wait, you can get banned for spawn camping? What what? Source?

That's ludicrous. It's the game dev's responsability to make sure that can't happen.
If BF V devs would ban for spawn camping, half the game's population would be gone.

@bustychicksftw He posted a vid like 2 weeks ago saying he's still banned. I personally think it isn't fair to permaban a guy who was pointing out glitched areas and putting it on youtube. He's a great player, and makes funny compilation vids. check out his channel.


Prob to silence criticism. Mods on the Steam forums went on a banning spree in January too.

I second this. A perma ban was way too harsh.

@mlb7 Agreed. Seriously. Perma bans are for hackers not someone that has a lil fun one game wtf.

@bustychicksftw Exactly. He didn't do anything the game doesnt allow. He also wasn't the only one doing it. He was the only one who made funny videos about it.

Believe me when I say he and his crew killed me a lot. I was higher level and the matchmaker seemed to like to put me against them. Sometimes, it was a mini game to camp a spot and hope to ruin his flank. Lol

It wouldn't hurt to have a streamer back promoting the game. We don't exactly have large numbers of players.

It's very unlikely that is the only reason for his ban

@turyl Really? Enlighten us, please.

@mlb7 Well, if i remember correctly, i played in a match he was in once and he was dishing out bomb threats... (it's very possible i'm mistaking him for someone else with a similar name) As it was quite a while ago..

I completely agree he shouldn't be banned for playing with in game bugs and bringing them to light though.

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bump, because he still banned and we have no answer from devs about this home made rules like "no spawncamping"

EVERYONE!!! KEEP THIS POST AT THE TOP!!! I 100% back this. I've talked to the guy, and his love for Insurgency Sandstorm, or just Insurgency in general is really strong. After being suspended for "Spawn Camping," mind you, he has posted multiple videos of these "exploits" to the public to see, and what do that do? They PERMANENTLY Hardware ban him for using alt accounts to play. Yeah, that kinda is a bannable offense, but is also a completely different offense to getting suspended for "spawn camping"(mind you, spawn camping is 100% ON THE DEVS!!!) Remember, Sev is a youtuber with over 15k subs at the time, and his most popular content WAS sandstorm!!! It doesn't matter if he was making them for the devs or if the devs were asking him to make, what counts is he did not hold back in posting them for EVERYONE TO SEE!

When I started playing the game about 5 months after release, I was shocked at how broken the game still was! Absoutely no thought, other than making the maps look nice, was put into the strategical or tactical aspects. The fact you could venture outside the actual map is absurd! There should just be an invisible wall surrounding the whole map, and thus preventing any of this happening.
And what does Sevrawr do? Well he took the fuck advantage of it! It was in the game, so he fucked around as much as he could infront of everyone, exposing how broken the game was. In my opinion, the devs banned him because he wasn't just exposing shit map design, but how in competent the map and game devs were.
I am not saying I could a perfect map, nor a map at all; and I sure as hell know nothing about what actually goes into the analytics; but it is obvious the devs don't know much more than me.

With the game as it is now as apposed to the era he was banned, I am curtain the game would be a lot more able to contain his wrath.
He should be unbanned.

@chaton @Raibi pls

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pls, keep this post at the top.


I also believe it was harsh with a permanent ban unless they proved hacking software and choose to not go public with it. I dislike censorship.

Still making the devs look incompetent is rather unnecessary and is a marketing disaster for any game devs. If he really loved the game he could have pm'd the devs and given them helpful feedback instead of his rather crude behaviour.

He could also refrain from abusing the same glitches over and over and over again when he a lot of the times played against teams obviously unaware of these exploits and therefore just ruining the experience for a lot of people just to get attention or money or whatever drives player behaviour like that.

I did watch one of your vids you posted on the forum catnipples where you showed how it is possible to block garage on ministry from outside intended playing area - Showing this once, and maybe also showing it after an update if its still there when NWI has been notified and should have fixed it is cool. I havent watched any other of your vids, but if you kept exploiting the same area repeatedly in those I would not be impressed - I am sure you are not, as you strike me like someone with good intentions.


If he did this in Community test environment, how would that change anything of what I said? It is still servers intended for solving bugs, so doing it once and reporting to devs would be the logical approach if he had good intentions.

How can his opponents even test for bugs when he keeps spawncamping as much as possible?

I am not against spawncamping or any other feature present on a map - especially if its features that have been present for a long time and is in the end product, rather have a critical view on his rather unnecessary approach.

EDIT : When I refer to not being against spawncamping in this regard, I refer to blocking the zones where enemies approach from as any competitive player would do, I am not referring to glitched spawncamping against unaware players. Having fun in making the game unplayable is just tragic.

I think you see some logic here, but I agree the picture is nuanced and I am against permaban and especially if not well formulated why such a ban was made so it is easy to understand and feels more fair.

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No it was made in the comments as well. He was constantly exploiting and harassing others when they called him out for exploiting. While this is controversial, they banned him not for spawncamping but for being toxic breaking the game. Sure you can argue that it’s the devs fault for releasing a broken game but ruining the fun for others is not always a good thing. If you have had him in game (insurgency and even rising storm 2) he’s pretty toxic and when he got trashed talked, he just goes all out and sometimes a little too far (not a lot of times but I have seen him in game once or twice that he went a little far with the death threats and racism) I’m not picking sides here but just explaining it from the view of someone who has played in the same server as him multiple times

When somebody trashtalking you can just mute him, isn't it?
So he shouldn't be banned for that.
I dont know how many people offended by it, but I know many people who find it funny.

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@burntf1ames I played in a lot of games against him and can't remember him ever going to far in chat or voice. Not saying you didn't experience anything, but I don't think it was the norm if you did.

As far as him exploiting the broken maps it was was probably pretty darn fun and made for some great clips. It also brought awareness to the map problems. No way it should have taken the devs so long to fix the exploits either. They should take responsibility for letting it go on the way they did. Should it take several months to put an invisible block somewhere to stop an exploit spot? They should have been professionals and immediately hotfixed the problems.