As the title says, after i got 200 hours of BFGA2 i wanted to give my feedback.

What i usually play:

  • imperium (the 3 factions of it)
  • mostly 2v2
  • barely/only a couple of times PVE

Campaigns status:

  • imperial campaign finished
  • necron 15-25% of it complete, i havent completed it mostly so i can enjoy the updates to come in the campaign.
  • tyrannids, only the prologue. Same reason as the necrons, i intend to leave it for much later.

I didnt own BFG Armada 1 but i watched its gameplay on YT, i mostly enjoyed watching the cinematics( which i did a lot). So im going to use the first game as a basis for this feedback, because thats what made me want to buy BFG Armada 2.
what BFG Armada 2 felt lacking compared to the first one:

  • Voices: BFG 1 voices seemed more powerful and deep, i assume it might be because of editing or software. To add on it, i liked the space marines voices for the first one a lot more than the current ones (it could be their helmets vox transmitter SFX?). i hope the first games voices might be added to the second one.

  • Soundtrack: Im not saying that BFG2 soundtrack is bad, but its sounding repetitive, it would be nice to have the first game OST added to the current one. but i have to BFG1 soundtrack felt more 40k.

*cutscenes/cinematics: As i stated above, i loved watching the first games cinematics, even the sector map dialogues where fun (in BFG2 the sector dialogues are also quite fun), but the second game cinematics felt lacking in quantity and short. But what really got me upset was when i found out that there where no other interactive cutscenes like there where in BFG2 prologue with the Silver Dawn, that battle was amazing to watch.

*ending: While on the topic of cinematics and cutscenes i have to say that the first one was much better, ***=NSFW content***

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  • missions/battles: This, in my opinion, was what stuck out the most. while i can agree that many of the first games missions where more annoying to watch than fun, like convoy escort, i still would have loved a reworked version of planetary assault, without the defense platforms and stasis bombs. A new planetary assault in this game could have the scoreboard from the game mode we already have, but, instead of capturing points in the map there could be a frontline like system with a planet sprite/image beneath, where we could do orbital bombardments on it and/ or send assault actions to change the score (maybe even send squadrons to it). something like this could be helpful to bring more variety into the game.

  • PVE: Im very sure im not the only one that missed BFG Armada 1 PVE game mode where you could increase your level against random fights against the enemy in random battle modes and earn point to upgrade your ship (which BFG2 campaign uses in a more simplified way).

So in conclusion, what i most felt lacking was the lack of mission variety, PVE career mode, how the in game voices are edited and something that wasnt in the first game, formations.
Formations are something BFGA2 could really use due to the sizes of the fleets, doing formations similar to those of the Silver Dawn cutscene at the battle for Cadia but on a 2D landscape along with auto-cast for torpedoes, boarding actions and squadrons would help administer excessive micromanagement fleets.

But what i enjoyed is the fact the the battles are much bigger now, the 3 factions campaign, the cutscenes, the possibility to play with several factions and their subfactions and the teams post launch support to the game. There arent many good WH40K games out there so i hope only the best for Battlefleet Gothic Armada 2, and hope it keeps evolving over time and improving.