Matchmaking constantly putting you in matches that are already over, nearly over, etc and being put into matches you've already left.

I find it so painful to play this game, not because of the game itself, but because of the matchmaking. It is so frustrating to queue up and then get put into a match where you are already losing and then leaving and getting put back into it 3 times. Then once you're out of that match, you get put right into a different one that is basically the same, you're losing and you keep getting put into it. Please allow people to opt out of being put into matches that are already in progress and matches you already left. Please at some point implement this because as things stand right now it is incredibly frustrating. Thank you.

Try adding regions like North America East and West in your preferences.

@rpgdodger this is not a fix. Doing this will simply lower the chances of the issue while also connecting you to servers where you'll have bigger ping (which is simply replacing one issue - wrong game - with another - high ping)