Odd hand positions and texturing

I made a post recently about odd hand textures and positioning and just want to follow up with more issues that are visible during game play and really does take me out of the moment of a firefight0_1554737821181_Insurgency Sandstorm Screenshot 2019.04.03 - (2).png

Remove any custom config files such as custom Engine.ini file.

@woozybmx this could be because of some optimization trick you may have seen on steam forums and edited some file. i have the same issue and what the Mod says makes sense. now i just need to find that file delete or change it back to its original state.

Edit: i can confirm this has worked for me

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This absolutely fixed the issues I had! Thank you! Although I did experience in a pretty good fps drop. I was hovering around 130fps on my 8600k and gtx 1060 but now im around 90fps. Nothing that affects me but just a heads up. Thank you for the input!