Strange blue square bug

Hello, I encountered a strange bug while playing coop. It completely blocks off vision while ads with any holographic sights attached. (doesn't affect default iron sights).

alt text

If you're not ads you can see the square by simply looking down. (sorry for not having an image while ads, I literally deleted it by mistake on steam screenshot list while making this post.)

It also blocks the ability to pick up any stuff from the ground. (and yes, the missing arms, gloves, tattoos are also an issue)
alt text

Today, while watching another player in a coop game on a regular server i saw that blue square too.
Never saw that bug before.
It was visible whenever he aimed down the sight ( zoom in )
0_1554814865660_20190409122319_1.jpg 0_1554814872715_20190409122325_1.jpg

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Thank you both @Hadeik @GSG_9_LIGHTNING for the screenshots and reporting this.
I will forward this to the team to see what can be done about it.

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