Things that I believe would be crucial to the survival of the game

I would first like to start this off by saying how much I love the Insurgency franchise, but, I have been noticing a steady decline in players and it is really disheartening to see because I know how much work has been put into this. What I believe needs to be added is the campaign that was going to be in the original game, and destroyable objects/assets. The destroyable assets as in what is in the Battlefield games. When a vehicle crashes into a building the wall caves in. A rocket launcher is fired at a two story building and the side of the building gets opened up due to the explosion throwing chunks of rock and debris a realistic distance. The game is meant to be realistic, but there are a few features that would make it achieve a whole new level of realism. I'm not suggesting that the game should be like Battlefield, hell no. I'm suggesting that you use one of the same features.
I would like to hear all of your possible feedback. -Franky

That idea is great but i think its depending on the used game engine.
The developers of the Battlefield series use the Frostbite-Engine which allows such destroyable walls / Objects etc.
Not sure if the Unreal Engine has similar capabilities.

But it would definatly raise the immersion and i would love to see this implemented in a later version of the game !

Hey @Franky-De-Louko,

Thanks for the suggestion. I'll pass it on to the team!

Definitely would be dope of course, I don't think the NWI team is not big enough though.

I think that includes a lot of revamping on the maps. I know UE4 now has the ability to have destructible environments, I guess the question is how long and how feasible is it to translate aspects of the game into destructible environments? NWI has a significantly smaller team in comparison to DICE, however I support NWI waaay more, I feel they have the potential but lack to resources to accomplish such.

A campaign would be freakin epic, especially if they had new environments and turned some of the campaign environments into MP and CooP, and have stealth missions, Black Ops missions, Marine Raids, etc.

Give it time, till then I'll be on Sandstorm! πŸ˜ƒ - KahleKingzTV

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Removing that horrible annoying bullet bounce / ricochet sound would make the game so much more enjoyable. Theres something wrong with the way that sound was eq'ed or something. Its fucking horrible to listen to, meaning it makes the game not pleasurable when you die. I loved dying in the ins and doi, but i fucking hate it in this game, because everyone has to use a full auto gun for some reason. That fucking sound is disgusting. Can you just eq the fatiguing shit out of the top end please πŸ™‚ THANKS.

Its 100% the thing thats making me turn the game off other than not having Ambush. Even if the game did have Ambush, this sound would make me leave. Maybe not as much because its a 1 life game mode and id be in spectate untill the next round which would make it less annoying than it is in push or tdm.

No more being kicked for being idle just because im camping somewhere and havnt moved my mouse πŸ™‚

Remove this out of bounds shit.

Let us use the dual sights on scopes like you can in Arma 3

Add Ambush with all the old maps. Console players will love all that just as much as we all did. You teased us all with those images of a shiny new siege and then you fucked us all over.

Map selection - stop adding features that stops us from bonding and falling out, no matter how toxic shit gets right?
The only time people chat in this game at the moment is to call each other cunts or talk about more unwanted guns. The old game is pretty much perfect. And we all used to talk about all sorts of things in game beccause it brought us together / closer, right ? yea πŸ™‚

This game feels like it was designed by some lizard that wants us all to suffer for no reason.

They had destructable pillars in Tactical Intervention and that was made on a modified version of Source.

Maybe Spearin realised that he had no more control and thats why he left. fuck knows, but this game is not a pleasure to play, its definitely not addictive or playable for 6-17 hours at a time 😞 and in my brutally honest opinion, that means its a big pile of shit.

Even if the community manger dose have a new family to enjoy youd think he could at least do 1 live stream every 2 weeks even if it was for 30 minutes or an hour.

Im pretty sure focus home interactive are the ones to blame for all of this.

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@quackrejackt said in Things that I believe would be crucial to the survival of the game:

This game feels like it was designed by some lizard that wants us all to suffer for no reason.

You earned my upvote, sir! πŸ™‚

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@KahleKingzTV I love the sounds. Dying shouldn't be pleasurable.

You know how some tv shows have really loud adverts or music in them? and you pull that bitter face? and grab the remote to turn the tv down, and then you pull the same face when you have to turn it back up again so that you can hear the characters talk??
well the bullet bounce sound is kind of like that, but more annoying.

If they could just turn it down a little bit, it wouldnt be as annoying as it is.

Radial coms wheel is still as useless as it was on release aswell. plus the randomised call outs seem anticlimactic, why cant we pick the exact phrase we want to use ?

I'm out game sucks in frenzy and Ai bots with the unreal bs, done playn with this franchize

@pixis Welcome to the club, m8. Enjoy your free time with something worth playing!

yup, they are so stupid, they should try playing the game they make

That is a pretty interesting idea, I will refer and apply it to my tactics
Thanks for sharing


its happens once to you as a gamer its called surviving lol ...

I think this is more a thing of the game design. they decided to only have a low destructive environment (like windows and small objects) for insurgency sandstorm. And so its not that easy to implement things like this in a game that was designed without it. For example, climbable ladders (were/ are available in the modding tools) but are not in the maps. And if they would implement them theyΒ΄d have to rework many things on the map, so also with the destructive environment.
But might be a thing they could consider for the next Insurgency game, together with ladders and lights you can shoot out.