The game feels stuttery.

I have my fps locked at 60, all the settings are low. In theory I should be having smooth gameplay, but it does not feel like 60 fps, I am having major stutters and the game is almost unplayable. I checked my CPU and GPU usage and it seems normal (under 50% at all times). I am not the only one having this issue.

I know that feel. For me, the only way to enjoy the game is playing competitive matches. The performance there is HUGELY superior. I'm having so much fun in competitive, but I can't stand casual games.

I have a similar issue. Even when I'm running 100+ FPS (which is still too low, but whatever) I feel like I'm playing under 60. Aim and movement just doesn't feel smooth. It might be input lag or microstutters, but no combination of settings I've tried has made it stop.