[Fixed] Ork Kannon Bug

While I'm aware that it seems everyone knows about this bug and this is a duplicate post, it frustratingly has not been addressed even after it being reported many times, so I'm making this post to try to help the devs understand the issue. I think it's one of the more unfortunate bugs in the game, because it trivializes discovering Ork flagships that use any of the 3 Kannon admiral skills.

100% Repro steps:

  1. Play against a human opponent in any multiplayer mode (ranked or skirmish).
  2. Have them select Ork of any sub-faction (although the bug is the most obvious when you play with the Blood Axe sub-faction and select the "Kommando Training" upgrade.)
  3. Start the match and ready up, but don't move any ships.
  4. Ask for or simply look for the position of your opponent's flagship.
  5. Notice that you can see any of the 3 different Kannon skills floating in space:
    i. Nova Kannon Shot
    ii. Shokk-Attack Mega Kannon
    iii. Traktor Kannon Shot

Here is a video detailing the aspects of this bug that I made with the help of my friend ShadowHunter:

Youtube Video

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Hi ! Thank you for your report, it has been fixed. 😉