netcode or server issue

suffering more than ever before from connection losses, lag pikes of up to 3+/- seconds, and server disconnects which make the game virtually unplayable 😢
can´t put my finger on whether this is a netcode or server issue on your side, but it´s you and not my rig ... 😉

I've started getting lag spikes too. No idea what causes them, they are pretty random.
Sometimes the game starts lagging, sometimes the connection, where I see teleporting bots. Pretty much like I lose connection for a second.

ive noticed its alot smoother later on at night im not sure if its the capacity on the servers in general cant handle it

I come to report various improbabilities.

it's impossible for the bullets to go through all the walls, I do not understand that I'm getting killed while I am hidden behind a concrete wall, in reality, the balls do not cross a bag of sand!
so bullet penetration to see again!
the bullets must cross only the wood, and the thin iron sheet, that's all!

to be killed by an enemy already under fire, again a big joke.
I'm in position, I'm already shooting at the enemy before he even sees me, I shoot him in the head, but no, he managed to kill me. Why?

I am hidden behind a ledge, I see the enemy arrive ..
I shoot him first, but this one jumps over the ledge, so he can not aim at me at the same time, and yet, he managed to kill me .. WHY?

find themselves in a restricted area in the enemy camp, while enemies are also in this area, and so it is impossible to kill them since we can not shoot in these restricted areas, but they can ..why?

I think that it is absolutely necessary to correct these unreal and completely improbable things, because it ruins the game.

thank you for your understanding

in this game, FPS depends on your internet-connection. : D
It's true...