Idea: Redesign of the ammo, explosives, and gear carrying system.

I've been tossing this idea around in my head for a while, and I think it could help with some of the weird choices that need to be made in loadouts, and make things more flexible.

Remove the "heavy carrier" and "light carrier" options completely. Instead of only two options for a possible load-out, add primary, secondary, and GL ammo as selectable loadout options in addition to other items. This would basically allow you to build your "vest" out however you want.

The UI could look a lot like the current weapon and accessories one. Open up a "Vest" option like you would a firearm, select the level of protection (Heavy, Light, None), and then equip pouches to it. This would let you choose the number of primary and secondary magazines to carry, and balance it with launcher ammo and grenades. It would allow players to choose to carry more launcher ammo or grenades at the expense of ammo.

It could also help balance some weird choices with ammo that isn't a standard magazine. For example a 1-point primary ammo pouch may hold 2 standard magazines but only one drum magazine.

The primary problem I see with this is adding too much complexity to the loadout screen, and adding more time to people getting ready before the match starts.

As a bonus, the system could pretty easy be used to display customized vest layouts for players reflecting what they have chosen to carry. That would be pretty cool.

additionally, players should be able to "trade" ammo clips/drums/nades during rounds so that one with a massive load may supply to teammates when needed

Not a duplicate as you've proposed a different solution, but fundamentally achieving the same aims.

I'd be elated with either solution to be honest.

Also @bahzooga this feature is in Day of Infamy, we use it all the time, yet Sandstorm doesn't have it for some reason. (Press F to give a magazine to anybody using the same ammo as you, or support can hold G to deploy an ammo box which gives a mag/clip/rocket/whatever depending on your equipped weapon when you pick it up.)

i kinda like this idea

of course, we might want to have this 🤓 :face_with_stuck-out_tongue_winking_eye: 😂
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This would be great. I hate how few pistol mags you get even if you're not running a primary.

I like this idea.

I dislike that I have 4 pistol mags with a heavy carrier when I would swap two of them for an extra grenade or flash in a heart beat.

This would mean adjusting loadouts would take longer but if we could do that outside the game it would be fixed. I really like the idea of tinkering with a load out so its just right. For example I find it frustrating only having 3 box mags for an MG when I could really be carrying more. Same if I was using a sniper, I could carry less primary ammo in exchange for more sidearm mags.

@cyoce said in Idea: Redesign of the ammo, explosives, and gear carrying system.:

This would be great. I hate how few pistol mags you get even if you're not running a primary.

I'd love to run around with an M9 with ten mags and just John Wick everyone on the map.

@marksmanmax equippable pencils for melee when?