Knife in game is close to useless, but is actually lethal weapon

Knifes in the game should be lethal, not sandwitch makers, especially kukri .
See for other in-game reference.

The knife is meant for STABBING and the ingame implementation is CUTTING....which makes no sense since there's no bleeding damage implemented in-game.

If I made it to the enemy that close it would be also more rewarding to do a one-stab kill with a knife. right now he has a chance to report to the enemy or even shoot back before I actually slice him enough times.

Let's start from basics: Melee attack should work. Knife is simply unnecessary. Also both knifes and melee attack speed is hilariously slow. Just imagine you're a soldier that charges someone in stress into melee attack, and can do single attack per like 2 seconds. NO NO NO. You should swing with <anything in your hands> to kill anybody in a single strike. We're talking about 2-5kg of hardened wood or metal put into muscle in soldier hands times attack force (run).

Doors can kill you after kick, so melee attack should at least stun or kill you after single attack. Please be concise and consistent - you've implemented awesome "stress" that affects how model behaves. Please continue that trend - cause it's awesome.