A buddy of mine brought this game to my attention. I wouldnt have downloaded it, but he has been playing this game for the past few days non-stop (he also cant stop talking about it), so I had to see what the big deal was.

To put it short, I am impressed!

-I like the different area designs with all the progression shortcuts implemented.

-Great graphics, skins, weapon and gear design.

-Whoever came up with the idea of focusing finishers on limbs and body in order to obtain weapons, and their respective gear and crafting materials, deserves a raise! This feature makes combat very interesting.

-Nice work on the gear assembly, and medbay. The core power, crafting and upgrade systems are well thought out and pretty straight forward. I did have to "google" how to obtain Mk resources.

-Weapon variety is great.

-I dont know much about the story but it does seem interesting so far. The gear installation cinematic definitely captured my attention.

-Stamina needs a bit of attention. It caters to sprint, jump, block and attack. I can only hope there are implants that give stamina a big boost and fast regen. Sprint and jump have their place in combat, the way stamina is spread out breaks the flow of combat (at least in the early stages).

-The combat is well calculated, making players think. Its not an all out hack n slash, I like that. It can use a bit of polishing, imo.

-Some attack animations are too long, they look as though your character pauses at the end of a hit (with combat hit slowdowns turned off). The animations can use a bit of attention. Addressing the length of attack animations will make combat more fluent, yet still keep it calculated. A particular weapon I got this impression from is the YOSUKE Butterfly - its horizontal combination ends with a dual slash where both arms open outwards.... for a while. I cant cancel this long animation, I cant dodge, and it leaves me open to any attack enemies who are not staggered by it respond with. This was reason enough for me to not use this weapon even though I like it. Considering the time this combo takes to execute, and the risk of being open to attacks during the combo, I prefer a heavy weapon over it as it does more damage in less time, with less risk.

-We should be able to cancel attack sequences/combos with a dodge. Just like some attack animations, they leave players vulnerable. Combinations can sometimes drag too far, and some enemies dont stagger, being able to cancel attacks only makes sense.

-Block is a bit useless. It has a lengthy animation, it costs too much stamina, and it acts like a hard stun. It would be better if we could at least move around while blocking.

-Item pick-up and interactions should be a button click, not a button hold. Trying to pick up item drops, or activate an elevator panel by constantly having to hold a button over and over while moving till the prompt comes up gets a little bit frustrating at times.

-Cosmetics... where are they? Adding some cosmetic options would be nice. Hats, sunglasses, clothing options, different colors for gear parts, hair cuts, and weapons will only make the game more attractive and enjoyable. Its a 3rd person view game after all. Is there a type of vendor in any areas where we can purchase some weapons, gear, and cosmetics from?

-Map, minimap, radar???... nothing?

-2 player co-op feature, and PvP. This would be a nice addition.

These are my 1st day thoughts. I might have missed some features as I havent made it pretty far yet. I see massive potential in future Surge installments, I hope it gets the necessary resources and attention in order to grow towards the right direction.

Thank you for reading.