I would like to report the following problems/bugs:

The matchmaking of competitive mode is bugged and needs to be improved, sometimes it takes 10minutes to find a game, the ready check should be removed, it's useless and only extends the queue time for the competitives games.

For some reason, if my game crashes in pre-game competitive (it happens because how badly optimized and bugged the game is) i will get banned 24h from competitive mode. This is ridiculous and a stupid punishment to the players.

It's saturday, the day when the game has more players (a remarkable 2k players worldwide) and the shitty servers are down and I can't play. Thank you for that once more.

The anti-cheat software still sucks, cheaters are all around and nothing has been done to improve it.

Instead of creating useless new outfits, clothes, guns, try fixing the game, get more players and fix the many problems it has.

Thank you!

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