About depth of field

Hi MudRunner, I noticed that on some challenges the DOF (camera depth of field) is different than other challenge. On Nintendo Switch that doesn’t have a great DOF resolution it result on a blurred image.
As said this doesn’t happens on all maps where DOF is light or switched off.
For example on “crane operator 2” the DOF is very strong than other maps.
I hope on MD2 this effect will be manually set to On or Of.


the dof is the same in all maps but it only changes in the View modes, for example the cranes cameras (K700, Forwarder and Skidder from AW dlc,Ural crane and the Crane addon from AW and carriage with crane) have a worst dof compared to the In cab mode
are you Playing on the Nintendo Switch?

@forces yes I’m playing on Nintendo switch that have a poor DOF capability and some maps results blurred.
On some maps I noticed few dof instead of other maps 😉

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Is it possible to change the DOF?
In ST it was changeable but for MR i found no possibility.

@alpscruiser i don’t think is possible on MD.