Weapon damage OR flinch animation

Okay so this issue has been mentioned quite a lot of time now, that weapons don't deal enough damage, some of them aren't even realistic. For example the SCAR-H dealing the same damage as the 5.56 ARs is just ridiculous. No I don't want to open a debate again, about why a higher caliber deals more damage, so please keep it to yourself, I'm not interested.

In case the devs don't want to increase overall weapon damages (SCAR still needs to be fixed!) which I guess is fine as long as we get a flinching animation when we get shot.
What I mean is like when someone gets shot, depending on which body part they were shot, your weapon needs to quickly aim in that direction. (I think it's easier for you to implement a simple camera movement, rather than adding flinch animations to the view models, but I'd be happy with both) This would mimic that you actually feel getting shot. You could still fire your gun, but it'd be drastically offset.
I'm pretty sure everyone was stuck by a bee at some point in their life, or had a cramp in their leg. Getting shot at is much worse I assume, so the way the players and bots currently withstand bullets is just unrealistic.
Once again I need to show the game stalker (although I'm sure there were more games), that implemented this system for the bots and it works quite well. When they get shot, they get "disabled" for a second, then they resume firing:
Youtube Video – [07:51..]

@sgt-kanyo I could not watch the video at all? Not sure why... Either way I have been mentioning and asking for this since day one. At first it was mostly about quicker TTK then I realized that wasn’t going to happen so I turned my attention instead towards the fact that getting shot affects the player in no way shape or form currently asides from if and when one of the bullets kills you. I strongly feel that being shot should make accuracy non-existent for at least a good 2 seconds anyways. Something besides what is currently in place because I have shot people in the arm that they would require to fire back and despite the fact that it maybe would or would not kill them in the first place they sure as hell shouldn’t be able to fire back with sniper accuracy killing me after taking two rounds from a m16 to the trigger finger arm... I’m sick as hell right now so I’m not even sure if I’m making much sense but either way please add bullet flinch/punch what ever the hell you want to call it. Unless I have just been mistaken this entire time and we are actually playing Insurgency Airsoft!

I feel this issue requires more attention.